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Where To Donate Pre Loved Items in Singapore?

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We live in a society where buying things has become a norm in our lifestyle. And in time, we would have accumulated all kinds of stuff that will no longer be useful to us. When you realise that you do not need one or more items, you tend to get rid of them so you could have more space for other things. And that is exactly when you start clearing things out or at least go in a ‘Marie Kondo’ mode. Pretty logical, right?

At that moment, most would unconsciously toss out items, which are no longer of value to them, into the dumpster. But in reality, these things can be reused, recycled, or even be donated to people who actually need them. For instance, it can be old books, toys, old reusable furniture, clothes, old tech devices or even gifts. You get the point.

And to tell you the truth – these things may come to serve a purpose in someone’s life. So, instead of dumping it straight into the trash, we have curated a list of places where you can donate pre-used or unwanted items/gifts in Singapore after spring cleaning, for people’s sake and the environment.

The Salvation Army

You may have heard or come across the Salvation Army before as they are known to be the biggest thrift store in town among Singaporeans. The store accepts almost any kind of donations and might just be an ideal place to go after spring cleaning. Whether you want to donate clothes, unused accessories, old furniture, books, or gifts, the friendly staff would generously accept them. Bear in mind though – try not to give any broken things which are no longer of use to anybody. But if you’re not sure, you can clarify with them first before throwing it away.

As a charitable organisation, the Salvation Army is always on the move to help underprivileged individuals and families. So when you donate clothes or things you no longer need, just know that these unwanted items might serve a meaning to someone else.

Where To Donate Items/Gifts in Singapore?

Image Source: The Salvation Army

Blessings in a Bag

Run by an elite and kind group of members, Blessings in a Bag is another notable organisation that you can support and donate to in Singapore. The community is open to all sorts of donations including household products, books, furniture, or anything that helps underprivileged youths. With that said, if you believe that the item or gift is no longer used to you, but it can very well be helpful to these kids, feel free to go over and donate here. Afterall, their mission is devoted towards the most vulnerable, ensuring that these kids receive meaningful opportunities to shine their brightest.

Where To Donate Items/Gifts in Singapore?

Image Source: Blessings in a Bag


Located at Waterloo Street, New2U is one of the best charity thrift shops in town and is run by the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO). Not only are they popular for bargain hunters, but it’s also a great place to donate unwanted or unused items. They warmingly welcome clothes, books, toys, shoes, bags, and utensils that are new or unused. Currently, they are in need of black retail hangers and clothes racks to run their day-to-day operation. So, if you have got exactly that, you know where to turn to – New2U!

Till today, they continue to support survivors of domestic violence and all proceeds go to Star Shelter and other SCWO initiatives.

Do kindly note that they are closed but will resume operation on the 28th of June 2021.

Where To Donate Items/Gifts in Singapore?

Image Source: New2U


If your closet is overflowing with clothes, consider donating some to H&M’s recycling programme that is nearest to you. With their ambition to reduce textile wastage and achieve sustainability, shoppers are encouraged to drop off any kinds of clothing at its garment collecting box – no matter if it is old, torn, or even unused. Fabrics can always be re-altered as textiles fibres or insulation materials or even be reused as secondhand goods. That way, you will be giving these clothes a new meaning as well as avoid wastage of fabrics. As a thank you, H&M will reward you with a voucher for your good deed. That is one smart way to come back for more when shopping at H&M.


By its name, you can tell that this place is all about shoes and creating opportunities for the souls. Even their motto “Turning shoes and clothing into opportunity” speaks on many levels. Here, they commit their time towards ending the cycle of poverty by turning unwanted shoes and clothing into opportunity. Imagine, just a pair of shoes and clothing can land a person with an unexpected opportunity, whether it be for a career or in life. It says a lot, don’t you think so?

Having said that, Soles4Souls will generously accept any unwanted or unused shoes and clothing and distribute them across the country and world. You can head to the website and email them to request a drop-off at its Sims Drive warehouse. You can also drop them right at their doorsteps after working hours.

Pass It On

Sat in the corner of Upper Serangoon Road, the Pass it On is a non-profit organisation that provides a meaningful and effective way to distribute unwanted items to low-income and needy families in Singapore. They are in collaboration with the Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) where Pass It On acts as a channel to connect the General Public to these communities in need like Family Service Centres and Senior Citizen Centres.

In terms of donation, you can give away almost anything as long as the items are useful and of good working condition. On their platform, they have a wishlist where you can find a list of things that you can freely donate to as well. Whether it be toddler shoes or laptops, your generosity will be well compensated for these needy folks.

Where To Donate Items/Gifts in Singapore?

Image Source: Pass It On

There are lots more donation centres for you to donate your pre loved items or unwanted items in Singapore available to you.. Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support, Minds Shop, Green Square, Thrift, and The Food Bank Singapore.

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