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What’s on Netflix this January

Dust off the fairy lights, tuck away the tinsel, and swap those festive tunes for the opening credits! January might be here, but the entertainment doesn’t have to hit a post-holiday slump. What’s on Netflix this January is bursting with fresh cinematic gems to get your year off to a thrilling, hilarious, or heart-warming start. So, grab your coziest blanket, sink into the couch, and let’s dive into the exciting new films waiting to be discovered this January on Netflix!

Whether you’re craving edge-of-your-seat action, laugh-out-loud comedy, or soul-stirring stories, there’s something for everyone in Netflix’s January lineup. Get ready to embark on globe-trotting adventures, meet captivating characters, and lose yourself in worlds that will transport you far beyond the ordinary. So, forget the January blues – let’s celebrate the start of a brand new year with a cinematic feast on Netflix!

The Equalizer 3

In sun-drenched Sicily, Robert McCall seeks solace, haunted by his past as a lethal equalizer. But idyllic beach days are shattered when local goons exploit his friends. The dormant vigilante awakens. McCall hunts ruthless mafia boss Vitale, orchestrating a meticulously calculated takedown – from silencing guards with fishing line to repurposing pasta machines for destruction.

Each brutal confrontation pushes him closer to a crossroads: embrace his lethal skills or fade back into the shadows. McCall must decide – can he find peace while protecting those he cares about, or will one last mission cost him everything?

No Hard Feelings

Down-on-her-luck Maddie snags a strange gig: play pretend girlfriend to an awkward rich kid for tuition money. What starts as a cynical ploy to save her crumbling life blossoms into something unexpected. Laughter erupts amidst misadventures and stolen glances, but lurking behind the awkward charm are Maddie’s financial woes and Percy’s hidden anxiety.

Netflix No Hard Feelings

Source: Netflix

As their fake facade fades, both find themselves confronting painful truths, growing in ways they never imagined. “No Hard Feelings” is a bittersweet rom-com, proving that connection, laughter, and maybe even love can bloom in the most unexpected places.

Godzilla vs Kong

Ancient titans clash in a modern world as Godzilla, the radioactive king of the monsters, reignites his primal rivalry with Kong, the mighty alpha primate. Lured by a shadowy corporation seeking to exploit their power, these colossal forces collide from Hong Kong skyscrapers to the neon heart of Las Vegas. Kong, ripped from his ancestral home in Skull Island, faces an uncertain future, while Godzilla rampages across continents, driven by an unknown rage.

With humanity caught in the crossfire, a battle for dominance unleashes unimaginable destruction, forcing both legends to choose – unite against a hidden threat or become pawns in a perilous game. The fate of the world hangs in the balance as Godzilla and Kong face their ultimate test in a showdown for the ages.


Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis’s cunning and controlling manager, narrates the tale of the King’s meteoric rise and tragic fall. From a young boy mesmerized by gospel and blues in Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis explodes onto the scene with his electrifying hip-swiveling and raw talent, defying musical and racial boundaries.

His rise is rapid, fueled by screaming fans and chart-topping hits, but Parker’s grip tightens, pushing Elvis through relentless schedules and movie deals. Behind the glitz and glamour, addiction, loneliness, and pressures of fame chip away at Elvis’s spirit, leading to explosive rebellion and heartbreaking decline. “Elvis” is a vibrant, but poignant biopic, illuminating the complexities of a musical icon and the dark side of the American dream.

DC League Of Super-Pets

In a world where Kryptonian pets share their humans’ superpowers, Krypto the Super-Dog faces a crisis of confidence alongside his owner, Superman. With Superman depowered by nefarious aliens, Krypto must assemble a ragtag team of superpowered shelter animals: Ace the Bat-Hound, PB the pot-bellied pig with telekinesis, and a jittery squirrel named Chip with electrifying abilities.

This unlikely pack of heroes embarks on a hilarious and heartwarming adventure to rescue Superman and prove that even the most underestimated beings can rise to the occasion and find their inner hero. From Krypto’s bumbling attempts at flight to Chip’s accidental laser show, their journey is filled with slapstick humor, unexpected team dynamics, and ultimately, a message about believing in yourself and the power of friendship.

Batman v Superman

In a world scarred by Superman’s battle with Zod, Bruce Wayne sees the Man of Steel as a god-like threat to humanity. Fueled by fear and vengeance, he dons the mask of Batman, determined to take down Superman before his power spirals out of control. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor manipulates events, pitting the two titans against each other in a brutal clash that threatens to destroy Metropolis.

Lois Lane scrambles to uncover the truth while a mysterious warrior woman, Wonder Woman, emerges from the shadows, her allegiances unclear. As alliances shift and lines blur, Batman and Superman must choose – fight each other, or unite against a greater evil lurking in the shadows?

This gritty showdown forces both heroes to confront their own darkness and redefine their place in a world forever changed by their conflict.

The Secrets of Dumbledore

In a world teetering on the brink of magical war, Albus Dumbledore gathers his trusted allies – Newt Scamander, Minerva McGonagall, Theseus Scamander, and Bunty Broadacre – to confront the rising power of Gellert Grindelwald. Grindelwald, fueled by a distorted vision of wizarding supremacy, manipulates magical minds and plots to seize control of the International Confederation of Witches and Wizards.

Dumbledore, burdened by a past secret that binds him to Grindelwald, races against time to expose Grindelwald’s lies and prevent a conflict that could tear the wizarding world apart.


What’s on Netflix this January

Source: Warner Bros

The stakes are high as friendships are tested, loyalties questioned, and love blooms in unexpected places. Dumbledore confronts not only Grindelwald but also his own demons, ultimately revealing the power of love and sacrifice in the face of darkness.

This magical adventure takes audiences on a journey through familiar and new locations, from Hogwarts’ hallowed halls to the dazzling streets of Bhutan, offering spectacular visual effects and heart-pounding action sequences alongside complex characters and emotional depth.

Marry Me

Pop superstar Kat Valdez is on the cusp of global superstardom, about to marry her fiancé Bastian on stage in a live-streamed mega-event. But moments before the vows, a public betrayal shatters their fairytale. In a whirlwind move, Kat impulsively chooses a stranger from the audience, math teacher Charlie, to be her groom instead.

Their marriage plunges them into a world of celebrity mayhem, paparazzi chaos, and fan frenzy. While navigating the absurdity of their situation, they unexpectedly find connection and support in each other’s very different worlds. But as the line between staged romance and real feelings blurs, both must grapple with the question: is their marriage a publicity stunt or could it blossom into something truly extraordinary?

The Batman

Gotham City shivers in the grip of fear. Two years into his vigilante crusade, Batman, a haunted Bruce Wayne shrouded in shadows, hunts a sadistic serial killer, the Riddler, who leaves cryptic clues targeting Gotham’s elite.

As the body count rises, Batman stumbles upon a web of corruption that extends deep into the city’s underbelly, implicating his own family’s legacy. Bruce must confront the sins of the past, navigate treacherous alliances with the likes of Selina Kyle and Commissioner Gordon, and wrestle with his own inner demons while facing off against the Riddler’s twisted machinations.

This gritty, operatic Batman tale isn’t just about chasing a killer; it’s a descent into the darkness of Gotham and Bruce Wayne’s soul, a journey where the line between hero and villain blurs, and the fate of the city hangs precariously in the balance.

Galaxy Quest

Washed-up sci-fi TV stars, content with convention appearances and reruns, get thrown into a real-life space adventure they never signed up for. Mistaken for heroes by an alien race who believe their show is historical fact, the bumbling cast finds themselves aboard a starship facing off against intergalactic baddies.

What’s on Netflix this January

Source: Reel World Theology

Chaos ensues as they try to operate the spaceship, wield alien weaponry, and appease their “fans” with improvised heroics. Through wacky antics and unexpected teamwork, the actors discover hidden strengths and rediscover their passion for adventure, proving that even in the face of the unknown, sometimes the greatest heroes are the ones we least expect.

So pop that popcorn and get those playlists ready – your next Netflix favourite is waiting! With Oscar contenders, superhero sagas, and festival darlings, Netflix gives you plenty of reasons to stay in and stream this January.

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