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Japan’s Original Warabimochi Kamakura desserts in Singapore


Photo Source: Warabimochi Kamakura via Instagram

Calling all mochi lovers and dessert adventurers! Brace yourselves for a melt-in-your-mouth journey because Japan’s famed Warabimochi Kamakura has landed in Singapore, marking their first foray into Southeast Asia!

Forget everything you thought you knew about mochi. This isn’t your average chewy treat. Warabimochi Kamakura boasts over 50 shops in Japan, and their latest opening in One Holland Village is already causing a stir.

But what’s the difference? Unlike regular mochi, Warabimochi Kamakura uses 100% bracken starch, creating a light, silky texture that practically melts on your tongue. Think of it as mochi’s elegant cousin, dressed in a nutty kinako (soybean powder) coat and ready to be dipped in rich, black sugar syrup (kuromitsu).

Warabimochi Kamakura isn’t just about tradition, though. Their breezy takeaway kiosk offers on-the-go convenience for grabbing their signature warabimochi beverages and sweets. Feeling thirsty? Quench your cravings with their bestselling drinks, like the Asakawa-en Matcha Milk and Coffee Milk (from $5.90) or get fruity with their Strawberry Milk and Yoghurt options (from $7.90). Each cup overflows with supple warabimochi bits swimming in a fluffy cloud of whipped cream.

Kamakura desserts

Photo Source: Warabimochi Kamakura via Instagram

Our personal favourite? The Tenki no Hojicha. This one’s a flavour explosion! The caramelized brown sugar syrup dances with the tea’s smokiness, while real strawberry bits add bursts of sweetness. Trust us, one cup won’t be enough!

Craving something more decadent? Indulge in the 2-piece ice cream cup dessert ($5.90 with ice cream, $3.90 without). Imagine stretchy warabimochi bits hugging creamy vanilla ice cream, all coated in toasty kinako powder and brown sugar syrup. Pure bliss!

Warabimouchi Dessert

Photo Source: Warabimochi Kamakura via Instagram

The good news? Due to the overwhelming response, Warabimochi Kamakura is opening a second outlet at Taste Orchard by the end of February! That means double the chances to get your hands on these cult-favourite jelly creations. Although, we’re not sure even two locations will be enough to stop the queues!

But wait, there’s more! Warabimochi actually has a fascinating history. Invented in the 1960s, it quickly became a summertime staple for its portability and delightful chew. Today, it’s a Japanese snack phenomenon, and Warabimochi Kamakura is leading the charge with their premium teas, fruit flavours, and decadent toppings.

Ready to join the Warabimochi Kamakura craze? Head to One Holland Village or wait for their Taste Orchard opening. Don’t say we didn’t warn you – you might just become obsessed!

Website: Warabimochi Kamakura
Address: One Holland Village, 01-54, 7 Holland Village Way, Singapore 275748
Taste Orchard, 160 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238842
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 9.30pm Daily

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