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Volunteering Sites In Singapore

Looking for volunteering sites in Singapore? For many of us, whenever we get time to ourselves, the first thing that comes across our minds is either rest or entertainment. Not many people would think of sacrificing their precious time outside of work or school to volunteer and give back to society – even going out for a short lunch gathering with friends sounds better than signing up as a volunteer. Why bother when we don’t get remunerated for our time anyway?

However, the joy derived from volunteering does not come from the remuneration. Instead, it is the quality time spent while being involved in volunteer work.

For those of you who have got some extra time to spare, here are 6 volunteering sites in Singapore to kickstart your volunteering journey.

This is an all-in-one volunteering site for volunteers to find all sorts of volunteer work in Singapore. Choose from a wide variety of causes to volunteer for the one you care most about, from animal welfare to eldercare and even humanitarian.

The minimalistic design of the site makes it easy for newbies to navigate, and there is also a filter function where you can match your skills and your preferred cause to organizations.

Volunteering Sites In Singapore

Similar to its sister site, is also a site where you can sign up as a volunteer or donate to the cause you are passionate about and care about. Choose from causes ranging from education to the disability and environment.

If you simply do not have extra time on hand to head down to the organizations to volunteers, consider donating to show your support for the organizations!

Career Village

May be a new name to many of us Singaporeans, but it has been widely used in other parts of the world such as the United States. Career Village is an online platform that aims to provide career advice to underrepresented youth from different backgrounds who lack access to career advice.

Whether you are a student, teacher or professional who has extensive experience working in a particular field, you can be a part of the team by signing up as a volunteer. As a volunteer, all that is required of you is to answer or post questions on anything career-related.

Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope is a non-profit organization that is different from your usual charity because it shines a light on individuals who do not have the means to help themselves.

Through its crowdfunding platform, you can chip in by donating money to alleviate their plight. If you are concerned about the beneficiaries listed on the site, don’t worry as all beneficiaries listed are required to undergo a strict verification process.

Besides, you can donate with peace of mind as the case managers will also ensure that the donations made are utilized appropriately.

Make A Wish Foundation

Realizing our own dreams is easier said than done, let alone someone else’s dream. Here’s an opportunity for you to turn those dreams into reality for children with life-threatening conditions.

Donate or join as a volunteer for Make A Wish Foundation and make the wishes of children come true!

Volunteering Sites In Singapore

One Singapore

Suppose you are an individual who is passionate about eradicating poverty, empowering women, combating climate change, and championing migrant rights, One Singapore is the organization for you.

As a volunteer, there are many ways you can help out at the organization which ranges from ad hoc volunteering to signing petitions and sponsoring a child’s education.

There you have it, 6 volunteering sites in Singapore for individuals who are looking for a meaningful and fruitful volunteering experience.

Volunteering isn’t for those who are looking for returns, but for those who whole-heartedly want to contribute to society.

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