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Trifecta Singapore Mountain Thrills

Mountain Thrills, Wave Rush, and Skate Bowl Excitement: All in a Single Day, All in One Place

Imagine catching waves in the heart of Singapore or gliding down slopes while carving through icy snow, and even for skaters finally having your own dedicated skating spot fully equip with ramps, rails and more, and all this is without ever leaving the city.

Trifecta Singapore is making the dream of surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding in one place a reality. Asia’s first surf, snow, and skate attraction opens on October 28, 2023, so let’s dive in and check out what’s coming up and what we’ve got to look forward to at this season’s hottest attraction in town!

Mastering the Waves

For the aspiring surfers out there, you won’t find better than here to learn your craft, because at Trifecta they’ve mastered the art of emulating the real surfing experience indoors!


Image source: Trifecta Singapore

It’s a place where all skill levels are not just welcomed but encouraged to ride the waves of excitement. With a massive wave pool stretching an impressive 9.34 meters in length, it is one of the biggest in the region for standing waves.

Crafted by Citywave, a renowned German company and a global leader in standing wave technology, you can be sure you are getting the latest and greatest indoor surfing experience.

Wave Riding Details

Here are some statistical figures and facts about the machinery for those who love the details: The equipment is powered by cutting-edge deep-water pump technology and designed to generate lifelike and powerful waves up to 60 centimeters deep and 0.9 to 1.5 meters high.

Trifecta Wave

The waves can be adjusted to suit your comfort and surfing level, and you don’t need to request a specific wave. Even if it’s your first time, you can attempt the deepest and highest waves. GO AHEAD!

Surfing Classes for All

For those who wish to catch these wild waves but wish to do so with some guidance, fret not as while you’re surfing there will be instructors on standby to give you pointers and help you along if needed.


And for those who wish to go a step further, Trifecta offers three distinct classes: the “Surf Arena Intro Class,” the “Surf Beginner Class,” and the “Surf Intermediate Class.” These classes provide a structured approach to learning and mastering the art of surfing, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their skill level, can enjoy themselves.

Skateboarding Haven

Next up for the skaters, you’ve got your own dedicated space with 10 different types of skate bowls to choose from. No more dodging people or getting annoyed looks. This is your skateboarding paradise.

Hybrid Skate Bowl

Singapore’s first hybrid skate bowl is a game-changer for both skateboarders and surfskaters.

Trifecta Skate bowl

The gentle wave circuit and wave peaks provide a unique and challenging terrain that can help skaters of all levels add a new dimension to their craft and open up a lot more possibilities.

Pool-Style Skate Bowl

Now, let’s dive into the pool-style skate bowl. This bowl is a playground for skaters of all levels, offering endless opportunities to practice tricks from pumps and carves to grinds and snaps. It was crafted by a renowned Balinese skatepark designer responsible for iconic spots like the Pretty Poison backyard pool and Kuta Skate Park. Even if you’re not a skater, you can still enjoy the show. The bowls are designed so that onlookers can watch without getting in the way.

Eco-Friendly Bowls

Fun fact these 10 bowls also serve a dual purpose as rainwater catchers, collecting and storing water during the heavy seasons and recycling it for alternative uses.

Surfskating for All

Lastly the venue offers “Surfskate Beginner Class” and “Surfskate Intermediate Bowl Class,” making it a place not just for enthusiasts but also for those eager to learn and progress in the world of surfskating.

Skiing and Snowboarding Adventure

Perhaps the “coolest” of the 3 activities is the skiing and snowboarding zone. For those who have always craved the cold winters and chilling snow but attractions like Snow City no longer satisfies your adrenaline, or if you just want to learn the basics of manoeuvring through snow before an upcoming ski trip then this is the place to be! Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience in Singapore.

Ski Slope Simulator

The centre piece is the Ski Slope Simulator, an innovation that flawlessly replicates the thrill of real mountain skiing. As you glide down the state-of-the-art advanced stationary ski simulator with 3D movements, you’ll feel as if you’re carving through the Swiss Alps.

Trifecta Ski Slope

It is perfect for newbies getting a handle on the basics or seasoned pros who just want a reminder of the icy adrenaline that comes with skiing.

Freestyle Snowboarding

As for the freestylers, you’re covered with the Dry Slope Freestyle Park in the same space. Here, you can practice all your wildest tricks and manoeuvres to your heart’s content.

Both this slope and the Slope Simulator have been fit out with engineered ski carpet, which allows for the seamless use of personal snowboards and skis, providing versatility and personalisation for those who wish to have that.

Gear and Equipment

But that’s not all at the arena, you can take a browse through the latest gear and equipment AND then try it on the slopes, whether you decide to make a purchase after that is totally up to you.

Don’t worry about damaging any of the equipment because the slopes come fully equipped with airbags, keeping both you and the gear safe and providing you and your family peace of mind while using the slopes.

Skiing and Snowboarding Classes

Shred the slopes in Singapore, even if you’ve never seen snow! Trifecta offers three 60-minute classes to teach you the basics or help you brush up on your skills before your next ski trip.

Sign up for ‘Arena Intro Class’, ‘Beginner Snowboard’, or ‘Intermediate Snowboard’ and get ready to have a blast!

Pricing and Classes

Trifecta offers a variety of pricing packages and a payment system called “Credits.” Below is a list of the basic pricing for all three activities plus the cost of classes:

Trifecta Prices

Trifecta Open Sessions

Trifecta Classes

Book Your Adventure

Trifecta Singapore is an exciting addition to our little island, with activities that most could never have imagined being able to do in Singapore. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a fitness enthusiast, or simply looking for a fun and unique experience, Trifecta has something to offer everyone.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity. Whether you’re there on opening day or visit a few months down the road – this place is a must-see!

Opening Day: 28th October 2023
Location: Trifecta by The Ride Side, 10A Exeter Road
Opening Hours: Open daily from 7am to midnight. Off-Peak hours are weekdays 10am – 5pm and Sundays from 7pm onwards.
Ticket Price: Check prices of all pass types here

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