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Things To Do In Singapore During The Weekend

Are you running out of ideas on things to do in Singapore? Simply surfing around the web looking for ideas? Well, you came across a good list of ‘things you can do’ during the weekend across the island. Plus, on the bright side, phase 3 is finally upon us which means you can now gather with up to eight people. With that in mind, start this week with the force at Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition followed by decorations of the ox and his friends at Chinatown and other activities that will make your weekend even more worthwhile.

The Star Wars Exhibition

If you’re an ultimate fan of the Star Wars universe, you have to book a day to see the characters displayed on a whole new level. Plus, you don’t have to wait until May The Fourth as The Exhibition finally lands on our shores, making Singapore the final stop of its global tour. Located at the ArtScience Museum, it has a diverse range of characters with close to 200 original props, costumes, models, and artwork from the film franchise. It’s definitely not your everyday typical movie exhibition either – the report says that “it takes you on a customised, interactive identity quest to gain new insights into how the characters were developed and gives you the opportunity to discover your own personal identities in the Star Wars galaxy.”

Things to do in Singapore

Chinese New Year Celebrations at Chinatown

This Year of the Ox, you can take the chance to visit the streets around Chinatown that are all dolled up with bright lights and handcrafted lanterns. On top of the decorations, you can stop by at small stalls buying auspicious trinkets and traditional delicacies at the Festive Street Bazaar. Although the festival is toned down, the Bazaar will continue online. There’s no need to take the spirit of Chinese New Year away when they bring the festival home to you. Look out for virtual games, contests, and online workshops via the Chinatown Festivals social media page.

Stare into the Synchronized Lights at Gardens by the Bay

Sometimes playing tourist around Singapore has its perks. You can simply go down and take a stroll to Gardens by the Bay to witness colourful blossoms and synchronized light shows. Watching the lights glimmer with vibrant lights while hearing the enigmatic soundtracks are one of the best blissful moment you can do in Singapore, this weekend. So, make sure you put this in your itinerary plan.

Universal Studios

There’s nothing more joyful and entertaining when one visits the Universal Studios in the Resorts World Sentosa. This massive theme park features seven themed zones over 25 rides and attractions for families and thrill-seekers. It’s the perfect getaway for adrenaline junkies. The theme park consists of many activities – rollercoaster ride, an indoor thrill ride, a 3D Transformers experience and a soaking white water rafting that ends in a hair-raising drop. There are more subtle attractions for the young and faint-hearted like a Shrek 4D cinematic experience, a train trip through Sesame Street, and the canopy flyer for an aerial view of Jurassic Park.

Things to do in Singapore

Image: Justin Lim

Singapore Zoo

Surround yourself with nature and wildlife from time to time. With over 300 species of animals, the open-concept zoo is a 28-hectares land with animals like giraffes. pandas, white tiger, panther, and so much more. You can even check out the River Safari and the Night Safari for a more thrilling look at the wilder animals,  a sight you don’t often see. As you stroll along, you can make a pit-stop to different stalls for some tasty local and western delights. You’ll need a whole day to actually see everything so make sure to keep your day fully free for this trip.

Underwater Realms of S.E.A Aquarium

Another spot that will brighten your day is Singapore’s very own S.E.A Aquarium. Visiting the aquarium feels like stepping into s world of the unknown, but it’s better because we are strolling underwater in a large water tank filled with pretty, exotic marine life. With housing over 100,000 marine animals across 50 different habitats, you would indulge in an immersive experience by looking at nurse sharks, hammerhead sharks, clownfish, giant octopuses, bottlenose dolphins and more, at the same time, feeling awed and inspired.

An Overview of Singapore at Marina Bay Sands

Take the bird’s eye view of the entire city and look upon the beauty of Singapore’s city life from the Observation Deck at Marina Bay Sands. From the well-known firms to the exceptional skyline, you can embrace the very essence of Singapore lifestyle. After that, you and your friends could head up for some drinks and food to end the blissful night.

Nightlife at Clarke Quay

A popular attraction, Clarke Quay is a little party town famous for its bars, clubs, and restaurants. You can walk around, pick a bar or a club, groove to your favourite music and drink with your friends. But it’s best to head over there once the pandemic is over. Regardless, it is a to-do plan you can save in the future.

Explore Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island? Well, this is not just an island but a paradise for visitors looking for some entertainment and relaxation. From surfing indoors at the wave house to strolling along sparkling golden sands of the Siloso beach, here you are spoilt for choices. You can relax and take in the wind, delight your buds with different cuisines at cafes, and you can bring your own drinks and chill with your friends at the beach.

Things to do in Singapore

Image: Christian Chen

Stroll Around Singapore Botanic Gardens

Being around for about 160 years, these lush green tropical gardens are a true delight to the eyes. Once in a while, it wouldn’t hurt to check out the simplicity of nature where exotic plants are blooming while small animals are glistening by you. Other than that, you can spend the evening walking around with your partner or friend and end the day at a cafe drinking coffee. It’s one way to embrace nature and another to lift your mind from troubles.

There’s so much more you can do in Singapore but with the exception of the social distancing guidelines. For example, you can head over to East Coast Park, hike at different trails while absorbing Singapore’s deepest nature, go to your favourite brunch cafes and enjoy delectable foods,  and more. The possibility of doing things in Singapore is limitless. With that said, look out for more ‘things to do’ in other articles too.

The Wizard’s Den – Singapore very first wizard-themed bar

Whip out your wands and get ready to learn some magic, potion-making, and uncovering cryptic riddles and mind-boggling puzzles in the Wizard’s Den. Unlike other typical fantasy-themed bars, this den offers you a magical 90-minute experience to find ways to brew your very own potion cocktails. Of course, if you need help, an expert potion master will guide you through it but what’s the challenge in that eh? Moreover, you’ll be dressed in your robe and have the wand gripped in your hands, there’s nothing better than truly blending in with the wizarding world and feeling like a Hogwarts student or teacher if you like. Remember to book your tickets here

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