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The Perfect Valentine’s Day for Your Date in Singapore

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is in the air this February 2021. Whether it’s your first time celebrating this special occasion or you ran out of ideas to make this Vday exciting, we listed out a perfect array of romantic activities for all couples to do in Singapore this Valentine’s Day 2021.

Here’s a totally memorable 12-hour Valentine’s Day date we planned out for you and your
bae. Ready, set, go!

14 February 2021 is the day for lovers. Turn in early on 13 February night because the next
day is gonna get exciting.

1030am: Bagels for Two at Two Men Bagel House (Tanjong Pagar)

The start of your Valentine’s Day begins in this New York-style bagel joint. After choosing the ingredients to go with your freshly toasted bagels, grab a seat and indulge in this satisfying breakfast.
Opt for a counter seat for a chance to watch how your bagels get made, and to interact with the friendly staff. Good vibes everywhere!

The Perfect Valentines Day Plan For Your Date In Singapore

Image Source: Twomenbagel

12pm: Beat the heat at National Gallery of Singapore

Dressed in your nicest outfits, you wouldn’t want to get all sticky and mussed up during the hottest time of the day. Spend the afternoon taking in the beautiful art and sights inside the National Gallery of Singapore instead.
Give yourselves approximately 30 minutes of travelling time to head to the next location.

4pm: Ring Poland’s Bells of Happiness at Mount Faber Peak

You cannot be at Mount Faber and miss out ringing Poland’s Bells of Happiness. It is widely believed that if two or more people ring them, the bells will grant the ringers peace and happiness. This place also makes a great IG-worthy backdrop for that mandatory couple pic.
To get to the next location, you can continue to climb up on foot or head down to take a cable car ride up.

The Perfect Valentines Day Plan For Your Date In Singapore

Image Source: One Faber Group

6pm: Cosy Dinner at Dusk Restaurant & Bar

Located 100m above sea level, Dusk Restaurant & Bar marries good views, good lighting and good food. Soak in the sweeping, panoramic views of lush tropical greenery and the big, beautiful sea that stretches all the way to the southern islands, including Batam. Extra points to you if you can point out this small Indonesian island to your bae.
The restaurant is accessible by cable car ride from HabourFront or Sentosa. As this place is a hot favourite on Valentine’s Day, be sure to book your slot early.

8pm Romantic Stroll along Henderson Waves/Sentosa beach

Take a short hike under the stars down to the nearby Henderson Waves. This beautiful pedestrian bridge is illuminated with cosy lights at sundown. Against the backdrop of the stunning, wave-shaped architecture, it is a great place to engage in deep conversations together.
Alternatively, you can also take the cable car ride back down to Sentosa. Enjoy the waves lapping your feet and stroll hand-in-hand along the beach.

1030pm Gift Exchange with Bae

A Valentine’s Day date isn’t complete without the gift exchange. It’s now time to whip out your gift and present your surprise before you wrap up the day.

There you have if, any one asks you ‘When is Valentine’s Day 2021 Celebrated in Singapore?’ you know the date and have a plan.

We hope 14 February 2021 will be one memorable Valentine’s Day to look back to in future.

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