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Singapore’s Culinary Excellence: 12 Restaurants Among the World’s Best for 2024

Singapore, a vibrant city-state known for its cultural diversity and culinary prowess, has once again made a mark on the global gastronomy scene. La Liste, a renowned French guide for restaurants, has unveiled its prestigious Top 1000 Restaurants list for 2024, featuring an impressive 12 establishments from Singapore.

La Liste’s meticulous ranking methodology takes into account a comprehensive array of factors, including chefs’ opinions, reviews from esteemed guidebooks and publications, and casual user-generated online reviews. The final scores are expressed as percentages, with 100 representing the pinnacle of culinary excellence.

Top 12 restaurants

Odette, a French fine-dining gem helmed by Chef Edwin Lau, takes center stage as Singapore’s top-ranked restaurant, garnering an impressive score of 98.50. This accolade comes as no surprise, given Odette’s triumph as Asia’s Best Restaurant at the World’s 50 Best 2023 Awards Ceremony.

Singapore’s culinary landscape extends beyond French cuisine, offering a diverse array of dining experiences. Les Amis, a renowned French fine-dining establishment, follows closely behind Odette with a remarkable score of 98.00. Zen, Saint Pierre, and Waku Ghin, each showcasing their culinary expertise in Japanese, French, and contemporary European cuisines, respectively, also secure notable positions on the list.

For those seeking a taste of modern European cuisine with an Asian twist, Jaan by Kirk Westaway delivers an exceptional culinary journey, earning a well-deserved spot on the list. Cut by Wolfgang Puck, an American steakhouse chain known for its prime cuts and impeccable service, also makes its mark on the Singaporean culinary scene.

Iggy’s, a haven for discerning palates seeking delectable seafood dishes, has consistently garnered critical acclaim and secures a place among Singapore’s top restaurants. Burnt Ends, a modern barbecue establishment, has taken the culinary world by storm with its innovative take on traditional barbecue techniques, earning its place on the list.

Crystal Jade Golden Palace, a stalwart of Cantonese cuisine, continues to impress with its refined yet approachable dining experience, while Shisen Hanten, a Japanese fine-dining establishment, offers a glimpse into the art of kaiseki cuisine. Shoukouwa, a Japanese restaurant specializing in sushi and sashimi, rounds out the list with its commitment to quality and tradition.

With 12 restaurants recognized among the globe’s finest, Singapore once again affirms its stature as an international culinary capital. From Odette’s French haute cuisine to Shoukouwa’s traditional sushi, the eclectic dining options reaffirm that this city-state provides extraordinary epicurean experiences to rival the world’s best.

The latest La Liste rankings are a testament to both the outstanding talents of Singapore’s chefs and the sophisticated, diverse palates of its diners. Whether in a fine dining room or hawker stall, Singapore undoubtedly remains a global destination for exceptional gastronomic enjoyment across cuisines, cementing its place on the world stage for culinary excellence.

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