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Singapore River Festival 2023: A Celebration of Dreams, Diversity, and Delight

The Singapore River Festival 2023 has finally made its comeback after 4 long years!

With the last Singapore River Festival taking place in 2019 it has been sorely missed by many, and this year it promises an unforgettable celebration of Singaporean culture, dreams, and diversity, offering a plethora of attractions and experiences that will captivate visitors of all ages and interests.

Singapore River Festival

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At the heart of the festival’s magic is the breathtaking illumination of the Cavenagh, Read, and Alkaff Bridges. As the sun sets, these iconic structures transform into canvases of mesmerizing colours, casting a radiant glow over the Singapore River.

Each bridge symbolizes a unique Singaporean dream: Future Progression (Cavenagh Bridge), Lively Ensemble (Read Bridge), and Garden City (Alkaff Bridge).

The Singapore River Festival 2023 takes you on a thematic journey, with each week presenting a distinct theme offering something for everyone. If you’re a fan of live music, a food enthusiast, or an admirer of cultural performances, the festival promises to transport you in a world of vibrant experiences.

One of the festival’s most mouthwatering features is its culinary adventure. Under the name of “Singapore River Signatures” you will see food stalls lining the festival area, offering a delectable selection of both traditional and fusion cuisines.

Don’t miss the opportunity to savour the “Boat Quay Ramly Special,” a mouthwatering fusion of the beloved Ramly Street burger and Chef Yadi’s special sauce—a culinary tribute to the diversity of the Historic Boat Quay River District.

Or perhaps the Truffle Black Garlic Fried Rice where black garlic fuses with flavourful truffle essence transforming a simple fried rice into a harmonious symphony of rich umami flavours.

Ramly Burger Singapore

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As the festival unfolds, prepare to be entertained in a way you’ve never experienced before. The Singapore River transforms into a stage for artistic expression, with live music, cultural displays, fire twirling, DJ sets, singing, magic shows, and puppetry.

These captivating performances promise a sensory journey through the realm of the performing arts that you’ll never forget.

Looking for a touch of innovation and interactivity? Embark on a time quest with Saba the Otter in search for Solaris Crystals scattered all along the Singapore River.

Explore an interactive map of the river, play exciting, augmented reality games, and share your videos to earn vouchers from participating shops and restaurants along the Singapore River. Why not start your quest today!

Amidst the festival’s vibrant energy you’ll also find moments of tranquillity and rejuvenation, with a focus on wellness activities such as yoga, trampoline workouts, and the art of sketching organised by the Health Promotion Board.

These serene interludes provide the perfect breather from the bustling city life, allowing you to recharge and reconnect with yourself while keeping fit.

While the entire festival is a spectacle in its own right, there are some standout highlights that you can still catch:

Purrfect Day to Night Out: On the 23rd to 24th September Clarke Quay Fountain Square transforms into a cat-themed wonderland with “Purrfect Day to Night Out.” Here, you can enjoy music, pet-themed food, and educational activities about responsible pet ownership.


Purrfect Day out

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If you have a furry friend, don’t miss the Best Dressed Competition on September 23rd. Dress up your pets in their cutest outfits for a chance to win paw-some prizes. Additionally, take advantage of free pet health checks and expert advice to ensure your pets’ well-being.

World X Fest 2023 Japan Edition: Clarke Quay Central hosts the “World X Fest 2023 Japan Edition,” an immersive Japanese-themed festival.


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Immerse yourself in Jpop artist performances, witness an original mascot cosplay competition, savour delectable anime-inspired yatai food, and test your skills at various games stalls.

As the night unfolds, join in on after-hours activities and vie for exciting cash prizes and Japan travel-related rewards. All of this takes place from the 29th to 1st October!

The Singapore River Festival 2023 is a testament to the Lion City’s vibrancy, creativity, and commitment to celebrating dreams and diversity. As you mark your calendar and prepare to join this enchanting celebration along the iconic Singapore River, you’re embarking on a journey of culture and delight.

From the rhythmic beats of “Rhythm of the River” to the culinary delights of “Singapore Rover Signatures.” The festival is a canvas upon which the collective spirit of Singapore is painted. It’s an event that truly has something for everyone and is not to be missed!

Date: 7th September – 1st October
Locations: Robertson Walk, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay Central, Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay, UE Square Before Mohd Sultan Road
Admission: Free with paid activities

And don’t forget as you soak in the vibrancy of this magnificent Lion City, be sure to explore what is going on at this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 in our “A Guide to Celebration” and our dedicated feature on “Gardens by the Bay – Garden of Blooms,” where the enchantment of the season truly unfolds.

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