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Places To Buy Mooncakes During The Mid Autumn

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time of reunion and gathering which is traditionally spent under the full moon.

While we are still currently restricted to only 5 per meet up, there is no limit as to how many boxes of mooncakes we can send over this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Here are 6 places to get your mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival this year.

Peach Garden

Peach Garden is a notable household name that brings to mind authentic Chinese cuisine in an inviting, warm space, made with only the freshest ingredients, with no artificial flavouring.

You will definitely want to try their signature flavours:

  • Golden Lotus Paste With One Yolk
  • White Lotus Paste With Two Yolks.
  • White Lotus Paste With Macadamia Nuts

To order, you can contact Peach Garden restaurants or visit their online shop.

Places To Buy Mooncakes During The Mid Autumn

Golden Moments

If there’s one thing Singaporeans can’t get enough of, it’s durian.

Durian season may be tapering off, but you can still enjoy the King of Fruits—in your mooncakes.

Golden moments is the next durian revolution.

This year, they’ve stepped up their game, even more, bringing us a new and improved range of durian mooncakes, which are healthier with no added sugar.

You can also purchase the mooncakes at Shell, NTUC Fairprice Finest, and pop-up booths at the following locations:

  • TANGS Level 4 (10 September to 1 October)
  • BHG Bugis Level 1 (7 September to 1 October)
  • Raffles City Robinson Level 3 (21 August to 30 September)
  • Raffles Place B1 (7 September to 1 October, excluding weekends)
  • Velocity (1 to 30 September)

Places To Buy Mooncakes During The Mid Autumn

Resorts World Sentosa

Bored of the usual mooncake flavors? Resorts World Sentosa has come up with a series of wholesome snow skin mooncakes, made with your health and immunity in mind—available from now until 1 October 2020.

You can bestow a gift of nutritious and delectable mooncakes upon your loved ones this Mid- Autumn Festival, including snow skin mooncakes made with health-giving ingredients.

These deluxe desserts draw inspiration from tradition and are naturally sweetened without any artificial flavorings or colorings.

Choose from three snow skin mooncake flavors: Rose Lingzhi Spores With Longan, Purple Sweet Potato With Manuka Honey, and Matcha With Tangerine Peel.

Places To Buy Mooncakes During The Mid Autumn

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Grand Hyatt Singapore is bringing us two all-new boozy flavors: Mellow Apple Calvados Truffle, and Fairtrade Wu Liang Ye Chocolate Truffle.

The Mellow Apple Calvados Truffle combines sweet, refreshing apple with the iconic French brandy Calvados, paying homage to the first known cider distillation.

It’s something different for sure, and just the right amount of refreshing to keep you nibbling.

Classics like the Champagne Truffle and Lychee Martini Truffle make their comebacks, and traditional baked mooncakes with and without yolks are available too.

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Much like the understated luxury of Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, this year’s range of handcrafted mooncakes from Michelin-starred Jiang-Nan Chun exudes that same quiet elegance.

Look forward to a curated selection of mooncakes featuring perennial favorites and new, limited-edition snow skin mooncakes.

Your mooncakes will come in a powder-blue embroidered jewelry box, with a botanical-inspired design, and containing four mooncakes.

The baked mooncakes this season are old favorites. The signature Smoked Duck With Assorted Nuts And Lime is inspired by Jiang-Nan Chun’s Peking duck, with hints of smoke from the mesquite wood-fired oven.

Other classics include Silver Lotus Paste With Melon Seed, Silver Lotus Paste With Single Yolk, and Silver Lotus Paste With Double Yolk.

Aroma Truffle

Get the best of both worlds with Aroma Truffle, when it comes to durian mooncakes. Famed for their black truffle chips, Aroma Truffle is back this Mid-Autumn Festival with the world’s strongest truffle durian mooncakes!

Featuring a twist on the durian mooncakes that we know and love, these luscious snow skin mooncakes are infused with premium Black Winter Truffles, harvested from Spoleto, Italy.

The Butterfly Pea Musang King Mooncake is just as Instagram-worthy and packs more of a flavourful punch.

Tinted blue from the butterfly blue pea flower, the core filling consists of pure Musang King durian flesh mixed with bits of premium black winter truffle.

Those who love Aroma Truffle’s chips can consider Fortune Bundle with a box of four mooncakes and two packs of truffle chips, or Harmony Bundle with a box of four mooncakes and four packs of truffle chips.

If you are still thinking of places to buy mooncakes and what flavors, you better hurry as the mooncakes might be out of stock soon before you know it!

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