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Pet Boarding In Singapore

You’re going on a staycaytion. Or a work emergency cropped up. Or you’ve fallen ill and not sure what Pet Boarding Facilities in Singapore are available.

It’s pretty stressful when faced with these situations without any help on-hand to attend to your furbaby. If you’re physically unable to care for your furry best friend, why not temporarily book a pet boarding house in Singapore?

You can have a peace of mind while knowing your pet is being well-taken care of and socialising with its paw-friends. Here are four pet boarding facilities in Singapore where your pet can be under supervised care.

Note: Every pet is different. We recommend you to check out the premises of the pet boarding house to see if it suits your pet’s needs.

Mutts and Mittens

Cost: From $40 onwards for cats / From $45 onwards for dogs
Address: (For Dog Boarding) 59 Sungei Tengah Road Blk B, #01-03/04 The Animal Lodge, Singapore 699014 / (For Cat Boarding) 175 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399721
Contact: (For Dog Boarding) +65 8121 7557/ (For Cat Boarding) +65 8202 3567

Mutts and Mittens has been providing both cat and dog boarding since 2003. With fully air-conditioned single rooms for your cats and dogs, height-adjustable food and water bowls, elevated beds, as well as 24-hour CCTV, pawrents can be assured of their beloved pets’ comfort anytime and anywhere.

Dogs will be walked daily while cats have climbing shelves to amuse themselves with.

What we like: A resident vet nurse is always on standby to care for any pet with specials needs, like the feeding of medication, injections, and the changing of dressing.

Pet Boarding Mutts and Mittens

Image Source: Mutts & Mittens

Pet Boarding Centre (formerly The Dog Unit/The Puppy Unit)

Cost: From $35/day onwards
Address: 80 (Plot LCK 135), Lim Chu Kang Lane 1, Singapore 718911
Contact: +65 6316 6628

Pet Boarding Centre is a budget-friendly pet boarding centre for dogs, cats, rabbits, and chinchillas in Singapore, without any holiday surcharge.

Owners also have the option to choose between an air-conditioned or non air-conditioned stay for their pets. If you miss your pet, you can drop by to visit any time during its stay without an appointment (except 1st and 2nd day of the Lunar New Year).

What we like: Pet Boarding Centre also provides long-term pet boarding, suitable for rescuers and feeders who are seeking a safe place to board their dogs at a lower cost. Island-wide pet transport is also available for a fee.

Pet Boarding SG

Image Source: Pet Boarding Centre


Cost: From $38 onwards
Address: 46A Dunlop Street, Singapore 209375
Contact: +65 9388 8893

Catopia, as its name suggests, is simply a utopia for cats. As a cats-only environment, your cat can look forward to a cosy, spacious, single cabin filled with a litter box, wet and dry food, as well as a bed.

The cats don’t always have to stay in their cabins—owners can opt to let them out to have some fun time in the Play Lounge. 24-hour CCTVs are installed to ensure the safety of the cats.

What we like: This is an exclusive cats-only boarding house in Singapore, which is suitable for easily spooked cats. They also offer a money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with any of their services provided.

Catopia Boarding

Image Source: Catopia

The Wagington

Cost: From $29/day onwards for cats / From $75/day onwards for dogs
Address: 27B Loewen Road, Singapore 248850
Contact: +65 6471 1689

This is a truly 5-star luxury pet hotel and resort for your cats and dogs.
Your pet will be treated to amenities like a luxurious pet bed, micro-suede bedsheets, soothing classical music, toys, and air-conditioning with in-room climate control. CCTV cameras are also available to keep you updated about your pet’s holiday.

For cats, owners can choose amongst the Cabin Feline Suite (from $29/ day), Imperial Feline Suite ($99/ day), or Royal Feline Suite ($119/day).

For dogs, owners can choose amongst the Junior Suite ($75/day), Superior Suite ($108/day), Royal Suite ($168/day onwards), or Garden Suite ($185/day).

There is also ample space for dogs to run around with their signature Bone Pool and anti-microbial synthetic turf grass.

What we like: Spa, fitness, and full-time daycare facilities are available for your beloved pet to have fun, relax and socialise. Pet transport service is also provided for daily daycare, excursions, and the hotel stay.

The Wagington Singapore

Image Source: The Wagington

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