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New Year’s Resolutions for You to Kickstart 2021 With a Bang

Let’s be honest. We know you didn’t complete all your 2020 resolutions. But new year, new me maybe? With the upcoming 2021, it’s time to come up with a fresh list of new year’s resolutions again.

If you’re looking for some simple yet achievable new year’s resolution ideas for 2021, here are four popular new year’s resolution ideas and tips on how to stick to each of them.

1. Go on a (Singapore) Holiday.

With border closures around the world, many travellers have postponed or cancelled their annual overseas trips.
Why not take this time to re-acquaint yourself with your home country? After all, this little city-state has undergone rapid urbanisation and transformation during its fifty-odd years of independence.

There are still so many local places that remain foreign to Singaporeans.
Visit heritage sites for history and culture-rich lessons, go for staycations to catch up with your friends or simply make use of the dining offers available and feast to your heart’s content. To get a full list of the packages, deals and promotions available, visit the SingapoRediscovers website or download the VisitSingapore mobile app.
Tip to make your new year’s resolution last: Set a date for your (Singapore) holiday. If you’re working, apply for your leave now.

2. Be more active.

No idea where to begin? Simply lace up your sports shoes and go for a good hike around your neighbourhood park. There are actually tons of beautiful places to walk in Singapore.
If you’re looking for something more exciting than walking, gymming or running, other popular sports you can consider are cycling, swimming, inline skating and rock climbing.
Tip to make your new year’s resolution last: It’s important to find a sport that excites you so staying active will not feel like a chore. To get started and build up your stamina, skip the lifts or escalators and simply take the stairs whenever you’re out.

3. Pick up a new skill.

Think about what you’ve always wanted to do but never ever made the time for it. 2021 is the year to begin. After all, the best time to start is yesterday, and the next best time is today.
Whether it’s dancing, painting or learning a new language, find a new skill to master in 2021. It could even be something as simple as whipping up a dish in the kitchen.
All Singaporeans aged 25 years old and above can make use of their SkillsFuture credit to go for classes without forking any out-of-pocket course fees, up to $500.
Tip to make your new year’s resolution last: Learn a new skill with a close friend. Your enthusiasm is less likely to fizzle out if you have a buddy that accompanies you for classes and motivates you to continue learning.

4. Save more money

There are two ways to increase your savings: make more money or cut back on expenses.
Begin by tracking down your income and expenses with a mobile finance application. It’s hard to optimize your finances if you’re unaware of how money is flowing in and out of your life.
The top three expenses amongst Singaporeans are typically housing, transportation and food. Be mindful of your top three expenses and find ways to reduce them.
Some ways to increase your income include having a side hustle (i.e. working part-time jobs or freelancing) and/or picking up a complementary skill that will aid you in getting a promotion or a job with a higher salary.
Ultimately, the first step to saving more money is to spend less than you earn.

Tip to make your new year’s resolution last: Announce your resolution to save more money
to your family and friends. They’re more likely to be supportive of your financial endeavours, such as suggesting to eat at cheaper places and sending you good deals.
You’ll also feel more accountable to stick to your resolution and not give up, even after January 2021 is over.

Cheers to a Better 2021

The hardest part of the new year is not coming up with new year’s resolutions. It’s actually trying to achieve and stick to them. It’s time to make 2021 the year where you start afresh and make all your new year’s resolutions last.

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