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Minions Experience In Singapore

Minion Exhibition

A Klook Exclusive – For those who are fans of minions, a new exhibition has made its way here to Singapore after touring through various other major cities in the region, such as Seoul, Taipei, and Shanghai. If you have ever wondered what thoughts pass through the minds of the yellow creatures from Despicable Me, you can find out now.

The Minion’s Perspective includes an experience consisting of 8 thematic, fun zones that take you through everything from the popular movie franchise, including some behind-the-scenes of the animation works and movies, to interactive games, etc.

Preshow Theater (Zone 1)

Begin with a short video and a series of clips from both the Minions and Despicable Me films to get you even more excited about the details of the exhibition.

Film Showcase (Zone 2)

In this area, you’ll find sketches, short movie clips, film stills, and other behind-the-scenes character insights into what led to the creation of the Despicable Me films.

Minions Experience In Singapore

Source: Klook

Hallway & Gru’s Lab (Zone 3 & 4)

Venture into the interactive hallway to visit Gru’s Lab, and test numerous inventions and devices of Gru. In this area, you’ll learn more about the various experiments, from the fart gun to the freeze gun, and you can even partake in a fart gun exam!

Minons Gru

Minions Experience In Singapore

Source: Klook

The Girl’s Room (Zone 5)

Inside the adorable bedroom of the Girl, you have one of the most popular Instagram-worthy shots of the exhibition for your cameras.

Furthermore, visitors can experience the colorful digital wall, where you can fill in some beautiful template drawings and then witness your masterpiece once finished.

Minons Unicorn Girls Room

Source: Klook

Villains (Zone 6)

To get acquainted with the different villains of the Despicable Me franchise and take photos with them, pay a trip to the Villains section.

Minons Villains

Source: Klook

Minions Zones (Zone 7 and 8)

The final two Minions zones include a mix of fun minions and interactive games from various different eras. You certainly won’t miss a photo at this banana-colored area where you two can play the interactive Banana Mania game.

Minons Age Experience

Source: Klook

Retail Store

Minion Shop

Source: Klook

Minions Experience In Singapore is a fun experience for anyone who is a fan of the film covering 1,400 square metres, featuring eight thematic rooms with life-sized characters and interactive multimedia. Book your tickets now via Klook

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