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Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 – Garden of Blooms

This year’s festival promises an array of exciting hybrid programs across the Island to delight your family and loved ones.

At Gardens by the Bay, the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated with a vibrant lantern display under the theme of “Garden of Blooms.” The display draws inspiration from Chinese myths and legends, and features over 10 new flowers making their Southeast Asian debut.

Inside the Flower Dome, the Chrysanthemum Charm floral showcase awaits, with 80 varieties of flowers on display. A life-sized Mongolian yurt has also been specially crafted for the event.

Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the first-ever mooncake sets from Gardens by the Bay, created in collaboration with The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore. These mooncakes offer unique floral flavours such as rose macadamia and chrysanthemum melon seed.

On September 29, 2023, the iconic Gardens by the Bay will transform once more into a vibrant tapestry of culture, culinary delights, and traditional workshops. Entrance is free, but certain workshops require prior registration and have associated charges.

Prepare to immerse yourself in this enchanting experience, where lantern displays, lively lion dances, and a mouth watering mooncake fair await amidst the serene beauty of the gardens and the panoramic city skyline views.

Among the nine picturesque Lantern Displays, some of our personal favourites include these illuminated marvels:

Garden of Blooms: A Celebration of Chinese Culture

Located at the Golden Garden, you will take a stroll through scenic pathways decorated with vibrant lanterns that are inspired by Chinese mythology, folklore, and customs that represent togetherness, destiny, and connection.

Mid Autumn Festival

Source: Gardens by the Bay

 At the Golden Garden, you will push your way through the pearly moon gates, opening to a secret ground that is home to a garden of elegant flowers that have significance to Chinese culture such as the lotus, peach blossom, and bamboo.

A Flourishing Scene of Colourful Blossoms

Under the Supertree Grove, you can find a beautiful lantern display of 20 lantern peonies. This display was inspired by the Chinese phrase “花攒锦聚” (huā cuān jǐn jù), which means “a colourful and prosperous scene.” It is the perfect place for couples to take a photo to commemorate their love, or for families to create lasting memories.

Colourful Blossom Singapore

Source: Gardens by the Bay

Hand-Painted Lanterns Illuminate the Colonnade of Lights

Our favourite of the Lantern Displays is this one, featuring hand-painted lanterns created by individuals from diverse backgrounds. Their vibrant, warm colours not only captivate the eye but also evoke a deep appreciation for the festival’s significance and historical roots.

As you take a leisurely walk along the Colonnade, get up close to these colourful lanterns, each designed and hand-painted by people from various walks of life. Don’t forget to capture a memorable photo with your preferred lanterns!

Colonnade of Lights Singapore

Source: Gardens by the Bay

Blooming in Dance: A Celebration of Korean Culture

The Blooming in Dance lantern display features over 100 lanterns inspired by traditional Korean dances. The lanterns are made from a variety of materials, including silk, paper, and bamboo.

They are lit up at night, creating a magical and colourful spectacle. The display is a celebration of Korean culture and its rich tradition of dance.

Blooming in Dance

Source: Gardens by the Bay

The lanterns are arranged in a way that depicts the different stages of a flower’s life, from bud to bloom. This symbolizes the growth and development of Korean culture over time. The display is a must-see for anyone interested in Korean culture or simply beautiful lanterns.

Magpie Bridge: A Symbol of Love and Hope

The Magpie Bridge lantern display, a captivating work of art, floats gracefully on the water at Gardens by the Bay. Comprising 38 mythical magpies, symbols of good luck and happiness, this installation comes to life at night, enchanting spectators with a vibrant and magical spectacle.

Inspired by the Chinese legend of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, it tells the tale of two lovers separated by vast expanse of the cosmos, allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, with the Magpie Bridge being the bridge they traverse to reunite.

Mid Autumn Festival

Source: Gardens by the Bay

For anyone visiting Gardens by the Bay during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Magpie Bridge lantern display is an absolute must-see. It’s a heart warming celebration of love, hope, and unity.

Visitors can enjoy a selection of Thai and Taiwanese street food, as well as carnival rides and games for families, promising wholesome family fun at this years the Mid-Autumn Festival at Gardens by the Bay.

Mark your calendars for September 15th, where there will be a lantern walk at 7:15 PM, where participants can receive a free lantern and take a relaxing stroll through the gardens amidst the luminous lantern displays.

Cultural Performances

In addition to the light displays, there are also nine cultural performances taking place throughout the festival period. We have highlighted some of these performances below, but you can find a full list and schedule by clicking here.


If you can only make one performance at the Mid-Autumn Festival, make it the ZingO drum performance! ZingO is Singapore’s unique and number 1 drumming group, and they have been wowing audiences for years.

Zingo Singapore

Source: Gardens by the Bay

They were recently awarded the most outstanding performance group in Chingay 2023, and it’s easy to see why. Their energetic and acrobatic performances are sure to leave you breathless.

Be prepared for an unforgettable, rhythmic journey that transcends boundaries and cultures!

Date: 15th September
Location: Supertree Grove
Opening Time: 8pm – 8.30pm
Admission: Free

Wu Yue Dance Studio Arts Troupe

Experience Wu Yue Dance Studio Arts Troupe, a dynamic ensemble known for their unwavering commitment to dance excellence. They bring to life the synergy of self-discipline, physical vitality, and an unswerving dedication to delivering top-tier performances.

Mid Autumn Festival

Source: Gardens by the Bay

Their stage showcases the culmination of these qualities, offering a vibrant display of artistic expression deeply rooted in local cultural arts. Don’t miss their captivating performances that illuminate stages and enrich communities.

Date: 23rd September
Location: Supertree Grove
Opening Times: 7.00pm – 7.30pm & 8.00pm – 8.30pm
Admission: Free

Garden Rhapsody: Tales of the Moon

If you’re looking for a change of pace from the usual sights at Gardens by the Bay, then you’ll love Garden Rhapsody: Tales of the Moon.


Source: Gardens by the Bay

Every evening at 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm, these towering giants awaken with a mesmerizing light show that promises sheer wonder. Watch as the lights gracefully sway and shift hues in harmony with a mystical soundtrack, crafting an utterly enchanting experience.

Set against the celestial canvas of stars and the moon, this show elevates its beauty even further. It’s an ideal way to wrap up your visit to the Gardens or to enjoy a peaceful evening beneath the sparkling night sky.

Date: 15th September – 1st October
Location: Supertree Grove
Opening Times: 7.45pm & 8.45pm daily

For the complete yearly schedule and monthly themes of when the Supertrees mesmerizing music and lights come to life against the night sky be sure to check the Garden Rhapsody here.

Butterfly Dreams featuring Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre

Be transported to a world of enchantment as the Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre’s Butterfly Dreams takes centre stage. The performance opens with the melodic prelude of the Butterfly Lovers’ melody, setting the scene for a beautiful and moving dance.

Butterfly Dreams

Source: Gardens by the Bay

The dancers glide across the stage with grace and precision, their movements perfectly synchronized with the music. The performance is interspersed with beautiful singing, which adds to the overall atmosphere of magic and romance.

Date: Sunday 17 September, 24 September & 1 October 2023
Location: Supertree Grove
Opening Times: 7.45pm & 8.45pm daily

Workshops & Activities

To enhance your Mid-Autumn Festival experience at Gardens by the Bay even further why not participate in a variety of workshops, both free and paid. Learn how to craft your own lanterns, appreciate Chinese tea, or even learn to play the guzheng, a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. There is something for everyone!

Lantern Craft Making

Families can enjoy a delightful lantern craft making activity inspired by the unique folk tradition of Wang Mantian Village.

This village in the southern Anhui mountains is home to a fish-shaped lantern with a history of over 600 years.

The lantern is closely tied to the Mid-Autumn Festival, and locals from the village host lantern parades with these fish lanterns between the 13th and 16th days of the first Lunar Calendar month, symbolizing hopes for prosperity and peace.

This Parent-Child craft session is a great way to learn about this unique tradition and create your own lantern to take home.

Date: 15th September – 17th September, 24th September – 1st October
Location: Cannonball Room, Supertree Grove
Opening Times: 6.30pm, 7.30pm, 8.30pm
Admission: $15 per parent-child pair. Registration is required – click here

Or why not try your hand at learning a new instrument even?

Guzheng Self-Learning Session

The Guzheng is a renowned traditional Chinese musical instrument and is widely recognized as an intangible cultural heritage item.

Dive into a 45-minute self-guided session, where you can choose between an instructor-led experience or a tutorial video. You’ll grasp fundamental strokes and master proper techniques, unlocking the melodies of this classic instrument.

If you’re simply eager to savour its enchanting tunes, mark your calendar for a free Guzheng performance on September 30th from 7:45 pm to 8:15 pm. It’s your chance to embrace the harmonious legacy of the Guzheng!

Date: 15th September – 17th September & 24th September – 1st October
Address: Cannonball Room, Supertree Grove
Opening Times: 6.30pm, 7.30pm*, 8.30pm
Admission: Free but registration is required to attend click here.

Remember, what we have shared is just a glimpse of the magic of the Garden of Blooms. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a grand and significant event that is celebrated widely.

If you are still wondering how to enjoy this year’s festivities, consider visiting Gardens by the Bay during this special time. With its many activities and attractions, you are sure to find something that resonates with you.

Whether it is a leisurely stroll under the lanterns, a family outing, or a romantic date with your loved one, the festival offers something for everyone.

So, embrace the Mid-Autumn spirit, create cherished memories, and bask in the warm glow of the lanterns.

This festival is a celebration of togetherness, and we hope you find your own special way to make it unforgettable.

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