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Me Café & Games (Orchard Gateway)

Craving a cozy night of games and cuddles? This snuggly gamer’s cafe at Orchard Gateway is about to be your new go-to hangout spot.

Welcome to the camping-inspired Me Café & Games tearing up the rulebook on nightlife with Nintendo Switch consoles, board games galore…and hordes of adorable rescue kittens!

Me Games

Source: Me Café & Games via Facebook

That’s right, immerse yourself in mood lighting and finicky felines as you hunker down in private tents to battle friends in Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart. With over 40 hit titles to binge, we can hear the nostalgia calling.

Me Cafe & Games

Source: Me Café & Games

Need a break from screens? Learn one of 30+ board and card favourites, from Monopoly to Exploding Kittens to obscure local game The Singaporean Dream. Surrounded by plants and string lights, you’ll feel transported to a campsite while sabotaging friends’ chances of world domination.

But who needs to choose between cats and gameplay when you can have both? Between rounds, bond with affectionate rescues over feather wands and catnip kickers. Nothing beats destressing by burying your face in fur during tense Boggle matches!

And from now until the 21st Jan 2024, take advantage of student promotions that bring hourly packages to just $10 for the Basic Campout package and $12 per hour for the Ultimate Campout, which includes free snacks. You’d be crazy not to visit this homegrown haven ASAP.

Check out the details for each package and the standard price it will revert to after the promotion ends.

Me Cafe & Games Singapore

Source: Me Café & Games

Trust us, peak coziness awaits at this genre-defying locale celebrating Singapore’s vibrant gaming culture. Don’t just take our word for it – book your own playpen to experience the cathartic magic where gaming meets cuddles!

Website: Me Café & Games (Orchard Gateway)
Location: #04-12, Orchard Gateway, 238858
Opening Hours: Sun – Thurs 11AM–11PM, Fri & Sat 11AM–1AM
Student Promo: $10 per hour (ends 21 Jan)

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