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October Thrills Await: Kulnari Mystery Golf Debuts ‘The Curse – A Haunted Golf Adventure’

It’s time to get your scare on this Halloween season as we continue to bring to you more truly frightening entertainment experiences happening across the island.

Kulnari Mystery Golf, a first-of-its-kind minigolf concept that integrates escape-room-style puzzles with traditional minigolf in a stunning 1920s noir environment, is launching its first-ever Halloween event this year that promises to set a new standard for spooky entertainment in Singapore.

The spooky new experience, “The Curse – A Haunted Golf Adventure,” is scheduled to run from October 19 to November 4 exclusively. It invites those brave enough to explore the supernatural as this immersive golfing experience transforms into creepy greenery. Participants will be transported to a chilling ambience of the 1920s and face to face with otherworldly entities, experiencing true terror as they try to decipher the voodoo curse that binds restless spirits to our realm.

Kulnari The Curse

Photo source: Kulnari Mystery Golf 

About Kulnari Mystery Golf

At Kulnari Mystery Golf, outside of this inaugural Halloween event, guests will be transported to Boat Quay in 1928 to investigate a mystery at the Kulnari Trading Company; collaborating to solve puzzles, while competing in minigolf. The immersive setup transports you into a different world, one of mystery and escape room elements, in addition to the mini golf. With each hole, more of the storyline unravels, bringing you closer to solving the mystery.

Kulnari Mystery Golf Bar

Photo source: Kulnari Mystery Golf 

The course features 18 unique holes, each with its own challenges and secrets. Players will need to use their wits and teamwork to solve the puzzles and complete the courses with clues being revealed after each after conquering each hole. Along the way, they will encounter hidden paths, secret messages, and mysterious symbols. At the 9th hole, gather your clues and discuss your theories with your partners at the “9th hole bar,” a halfway point to relax and share your findings with a refreshing drink and light nibbles among friends.

Kulnari Mystery Golf Bar

Photo source: Kulnari Mystery Golf 

Whether you’re planning to experience ‘The Curse – A Haunted Golf Adventure’ or simply explore the Mystery Golf experience, book your tee time today through Kulnari Mystery Golf or contact the team on 81265509.

Location: Kulnari Mystery Golf, 51B Circular Rd, Singapore 049406
Opening Hours: Closed Mondays, 12pm-10.30pm Tuesday-Friday, Saturday 10.30am-10.30pm, Sunday 10.30am-8pm
Price: $25 per person for standard experience, $45 for “The Curse – A Haunted Golf Adventure”
Date: 19th October – 4th November (“The Curse – A Haunted Golf Adventure” exclusively)

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