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Kampong Glam Ramadan Bazaar 2024

Step into the vibrant Ramadan festivities at the historic Kampong Glam precinct, where the iconic 200-year-old Sultan Mosque anchors over 5 weeks of dazzling bazaars, tantalizing foods, and glittering entertainment along Kandahar, Muscat and Baghdad Streets.

Wander bustling lanes showcasing over 100 stalls loaded with aromatic local delicacies and meaningful Hari Raya gifts. Taste sweet, sticky kuih cookies, dig into piping hot Ramly burgers, and line up for the ever-popular nasi briyani, prepared fresh before your eyes. Hunt for elegant silk tunics or decorative prayer mats to welcome the upcoming Eid celebrations.

Kampong Glam Ramadan Bazaar

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By night, regional superstars like Tomok and Alif Satar get crowds singing and dancing along to nostalgic tunes, while homegrown talent Taufik Batisah serenades under strings of fairy lights. Go behind-the-scenes through live cooking demos revealing secret family recipes for holiday favorites you can even try whipping up yourself at home.

The extended 5-week affair builds anticipation in the weeks before Ramadan officially commences. Locals and visitors alike soak in the festive atmosphere over leisurely daylight browsing and dining, before breaking fast at sunset with sweet drinks and crispy snacks from stalls like Broti and Kream.

Kampong Glam Ramadan Bazaar

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Adding to the celebrations is a showcase of Sultan Mosque’s 200 years of history. Weekend evening light projections along its facade spotlight key moments, from initial construction in 1826 to major 20th century restorations, revealing how the landmark both shaped and was shaped by Singapore’s rich multicultural landscape over two centuries.

On March 23rd, some 1,500 participants will gather for a mass community iftar stretching down vibrant Arab Street, closed to traffic just for the special feast under the stars. Beyond sharing aromatic dishes as one, part proceeds benefit the mosque’s charitable initiatives – encompassing Ramadan’s spirit of togetherness and giving back.

And there’s plenty to discover in the area beyond the bazaar itself. Weave through hipster cafes, quirky boutiques and Instagram-worthy wall murals lining the alleyways. Picturesque palm trees, colorful shophouses and Arab-inspired architecture pay homage to Kampong Glam’s Peranakan, European and Muslim roots – a microcosm of Singapore’s diverse history.

Kampong Glam Ramadan Bazaar

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As dusk envelops and fairy lights glow overhead, the melodic Azan call to prayer echoes through the precinct. Families and friends gather with picnic mats in the open-air Malay Heritage Centre courtyard, breaking fast under the dazzling Kampong Glam panorama behind.

Cap off your day with signature sweets like kuih or sugee cake from heritage brands like Hajjah Maimunah (HJH Maimunah). Or opt for cooling beverages from homegrown companies Smooshie Ice and Ramly Burger – putting a modern twist on classic favourites.

Kampong Glam Ramadan Bazaar 6

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From March 2nd to April 5th 2024, Kampong Glam promises an unforgettable Ramadan experience – where centuries-old tradition fuses with modern diversity; seen through stunning architecture, vibrant culture, mouthwatering cuisine and heartwarming community.

Address: Kandahar Street, Muscat Street, and Baghdad Street
Date: March 2 – April 5, 2024
Time: 2pm – 11pm Daily

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