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Jazz by the Cove: A December Music Extravaganza

Jazz by the Cove, a series of jazz concerts taking place over two unforgettable weekends in December, is set to serenade music lovers with a captivating lineup of both local and international artists. Held against the stunning backdrop of the Sentosa Cove Marina, the festival promises to transport you to a world of soulful melodies and captivating rhythms.

Jazz by the baySource: Sentosa: Jazz by the Cove

A Musical Tapestry

From the soulful vocals of Malaysian legend Sheila Majid to the electrifying tunes of the Jazz Association Singapore Orchestra (JASSO), each performance at Jazz by the Cove is sure to captivate your senses and leave you wanting more. And with free entry, it’s an all-you-can-listen buffet of musical delights!

Sheila Majid

Source: Sheila Majid via Facebook

A Diverse Lineup

Boasting an impressive lineup over six days, you’ll have the opportunity to hear musical artists like the creative genius Jeremy Monteiro, a Singaporean jazz pianist known for his innovative and genre-bending approach. And even group acts like JASSO, an ensemble dedicated to promoting and delivering rich and vibrant jazz in Singapore.

Thematic Days for Every Taste

Each day of the six-day festival has a theme, ensuring a diverse musical experience for all. The “Opening Night” on December 8th kicks off with the Jazz-Blues Brothers delivering funky soulful blues at 7pm and 8pm, followed by the iconic Malaysian singer Shela Majid at 9pm, who’ll captivate audiences with her graceful and uplifting voice.

Saxophone Solos and Ladies of Jazz

Day 2, “Singapore Sax Scene,” is for all you John Coltrane and Charlie Parker lovers. The Sinclair x JazzKids, a performance group featuring gifted children and teenagers aged 7 to 15, will open the day. Trained by international swing teacher Sinclair Ang, they will be singing, dancing, and putting on an original swing and dance collection. Yamaha saxophone endorser Teo Boon Chye will close the day with “Sax in the City” at 9pm.

Jazz by the Bay

Source: Sentosa: Jazz by the Cove

Day 3, “Ladies of Jazz,” presents Miss Lou and her sultry vintage approach to singing. Her style blends old-school with hints of modern touches. Following her opening act will be Alemay Fernandez, known for her powerful voice and stage presence.

International Flair and Japanese Jams

Day 4, “International Affair,” features Giacomo Turra, an Italian artist with over 100k monthly listeners on Spotify, performing alongside his band. Giacomo rose to popularity on social media thanks to his funk-twist on iconic songs.

Giacomo Turra

Source: Sentosa: Jazz by the Cove

Day 5, “Japan Jam,” is all about things Japanese. Husband and wife duo Toshiki Seojima and Nahokimama, along with their band, will perform a stylish blend of neo-soul and jazz over lo-fi beats. Following an hour later is Shinobu Kawashima, also known as CHiLi GiRL, an extremely versatile artist specializing in the shamisen. A traditional performer and singer-songwriter, under her pop project alias CHiLi GiRL, she will be merging the traditional shamisen with pop music, playing alongside various musicians to create the perfect blend between tradition and modernity. The closing act of Japan Jam sees girl trio Tokyo Groove Jyoshi, a funk jazz girl group who’ll be performing original songs along with 70s and 80s jazz and funk music.

Jazz by the cove

Source: Tokyo Groove Jyoshi

All-Stars Jam and a Grand Finale

The final day, “All Stars Jam,” brings together all the best from the previous days. Starting off at 7pm, Jeremy Monteiro from day 1 leads the Jazz Association Singapore Orchestra (JASSO) through an 18-piece ensemble, where the 20 talented JASSO musicians conducted by him will play a symphony of jazz genres till 9pm. After that, artists and musicians who’ve made an appearance previously in this festival will appear once more to show off their talents a final time to close off this year’s Jazz by the Cove.

An Unforgettable Musical Experience

With free entry, a stunning backdrop, and a diverse lineup of talented artists, Jazz by the Cove promises to be an unforgettable musical experience. Whether you’re an avid jazz fan or simply looking for a unique and entertaining evening out, this festival is sure to delight.

Website: Jazz by the Cove
Date: 8th -10th , 15th -17th December 2023
Location: Sentosa Cove
Opening Hours: 6.30pm – 10pm daily
Ticket Prices: Free Entry

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