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Inmers Singapore’s FIRST immersive Escape Room

Step into the extraordinary world of Inmers, Singapore’s pioneering immersive escape room destination that goes beyond the ordinary. Featuring cutting-edge technology, Inmers offers a theatrical experience with both gripping escape rooms and an exhilarating “Floor Is Lava” challenge.

Inmers Singapore

Source: Inmers

However, Inmers is not just about escape rooms. It redefines conventional escape room norms, delivering a thrilling blend of immersive acting, cutting-edge technology, and stunning production design. Gone are the days of dusty padlocks. Instead, Inmers boasts expansive layouts, clever puzzles, and an atmosphere that elevates the experience without resorting to jump scares.

Furthermore, it caters to both English and Chinese speakers, promising a unique escape room encounter. Presently, Inmers showcases two ongoing escape rooms. “The Medium” challenges your convictions along the Thai-Myanmar border, incorporating atmospheric tension, eerie sounds, and visuals. With two modes available for varying intensities, you can choose between “Normal” or the recommended “Supper!” for an extra layer of immersion.

Inmers Singapore

Source: Inmers via Instagram

On the other hand, you can immerse yourself in “Break Through The Soil,” a narrative of mental turmoil, betrayal, and hatred. Boasting plot twists and intense revelations, the experience offers two modes: “I’m Baby” or “Normal.”

In addition to escape rooms, Inmers introduces the innovative “Floor is Lava” edition, transforming the childhood game into a thrilling adventure. Navigate a room illuminated with coloured lights, avoiding moving red blocks to survive. Priced starting at $32 for two people, with additional costs per extra participant, this 20-minute challenge is a unique addition to their offerings.

Escape room prices start at $68 for one person, with a minimum booking requirement for four people at $272. Despite the higher cost, Inmers promises an unparalleled adventure, incorporating advanced technology and creative elements that set it apart. You can book your tickets for your desired activity here!

In conclusion, Inmers is not just an escape room destination. It’s a place where you can experience the thrill of the game, the excitement of solving puzzles, and the joy of spending quality time with friends or family. So why wait? Step into the world of Inmers and experience the extraordinary!

Website: Inmers
Address: 27 West Coast Highway, #02-10, ORTO Mall, Singapore 117867
Tel: 91328088
Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm daily
Ticke Prices: Escape Rooms $68 per person, Floor is Lava $16 per person

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