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i Light Singapore: A New Wave

Step into a world where imagination takes form through the dance of light and colour.   I Light Singapore is an extraordinary sustainable light art festival that will ignite your senses and transport you to a realm of enchantment.

This annual event celebrates the harmonious blend of creativity, technology, and urban transformation created by Singaporean and international artists. Prepare to be captivated by a dazzling display of artistic prowess that promises to leave you awestruck and inspired.

Transforming Spaces into Magical Realms

At i Light Singapore, ordinary public spaces and waterfront locations undergo a remarkable metamorphosis, as if touched by the wand of an artist.

Everywhere you turn, luminous installations bring new life to iconic landmarks and hidden corners of the city, enveloping them in a tapestry of breathtaking brilliance.

Wander through a symphony of colours, shapes, and shadows as each art piece beckons you to uncover its secrets. The streets come alive with a sense of wonder, transporting you to a world where imagination takes flight.

i light singapore 2023

Source: iLight

These artworks also encourage festival goers and the public to get on board with sustainable habits in their day-to-day lives. They’re designed with energy-saving lights and eco-friendly materials, so you can enjoy the festival while also thinking green.

Theme: As i Light Singapore embarks on its second year of the ‘visible light narrative’, the upcoming 2023 edition will centre around exploring the captivating colour blue within the light spectrum.

Nature itself presents a constant presence of blue wavelengths, as seen in the clear skies and mirrored in the reflective waters of the seas.

The visual impact of blue, with its cool tones, holds the power to symbolize and evoke various emotions, often associated with serenity and tranquillity. In the context of i Light Singapore’s 2023 theme, they explore how can the colour blue symbolize healing and progress.

A Harmonious Fusion of Art and Technology

Prepare to witness the marriage of art and technology in a symphony of innovation.

The installations at i Light Singapore push the boundaries of artistic expression, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies to create immersive experiences. Engage with interactive artworks that respond to your touch, movement, or even the rhythm of your heartbeat. As you become an integral part of the artwork itself, you’ll realize that boundaries dissolve, and art becomes a living, breathing entity that invites you to explore new realms of imagination.

Unveiling Boundless Experiences

Beyond the mesmerizing installations, i Light Singapore offers a world of immersive experiences and captivating activities.

The festival also features a diverse range of side activities for visitors to enjoy. Engage in thought-provoking talks that delve into the intersection of art, technology, and urban development, expanding your horizons and igniting new ideas.

Guided tours provide a deeper understanding of the artworks, unravelling the stories and inspirations behind each masterpiece. And as the sun sets, be enthralled by captivating performances that add a touch of magic to the vibrant atmosphere.

A Tapestry of Global Perspectives

i Light Singapore is a celebration of cultural diversity, proudly showcasing the works of both local talents and international artists.

Embark on a journey through the creative minds of individuals from different corners of the world, each bringing their unique artistic style and cultural influences.

This convergence of global perspectives weaves a rich tapestry of creativity, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. Prepare to be immersed in a kaleidoscope of artistic expression that transcends borders and unites us in the universal language of art.


Source: iLight

i Light Singapore New Wave beckons you to step into a realm where creativity, innovation, and sustainability intertwine to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Lose yourself in the luminous splendour that adorns Singapore’s public spaces, allowing the brilliance of light to awaken your imagination. Let the fusion of art and technology ignite your senses and pull you in.

The annual light festival is set to take place from 1st to 25th June, illuminating Marina Bay and two additional areas – South Beach and Millenia Walk.

i Light Singapore new Wave welcomes visitors from 7pm to 11pm daily, with extended hours until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Admission is free, while charges apply for certain programmes.

Date: 1st June to 25th June

Time: 7pm to 11pm daily

Cost: Free

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