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Buckle Up, Drivers – HyperDrive Asia’s First Gamified Indoor Go-Kart Track Has Arrived

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure at HyperDrive, Singapore’s first indoor Go-Kart circuit that’s packed with video game-style power-ups. Located at The Palawan complex on Sentosa Island, this futuristic track pushes the boundaries of karting by fusing virtual reality (VR) thrills with real-life hairpin turns. Buckle up for a heart-racing ride that will leave you wanting more.

Indoor Go Karting

Source: The Palwan Sentosa

A Thrilling Course Designed for Speed

Designed by former karting world champion David Terrien, HyperDrive’s  Indoor Go-Kart sprawling 3-level course dares you to push the limits at up to 50km/h across its 308-meter straightaways and 14 exhilarating corners. Whether you’re a seasoned karting enthusiast or a complete novice, HyperDrive’s fleet of karts caters to all skill levels. Junior karts hit 30km/h, senior karts reach 50km/h, and there are even 2-seater dual karts (requires a valid car or bike license). With spaces for 12 karts, things get fiercely competitive on the track!

Indoor go-karting

Source: The Palwan Sentosa

Gear Up and Unleash Your Inner Racer

Each 8-minute session kicks off with a thorough safety briefing covering driving basics, gear, and the track’s unique features. The entire process takes around 30 minutes, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your karting adventure. Once briefed, racers suit up with helmets and race suits (or rent covered shoes) before unleashing their inner Schumacher. Check out the Hall of Fame for the circuit’s fastest times – who knows, you might be next to etch your name into history!

HyperDrive Indoor Go-Kart

Source: The Palwan Sentosa

Power-Ups Add an Extra Dimension of Excitement

Prepare to be amazed as HyperDrive introduces Mario Kart-esque boosts and weapons to the karting experience. These power-ups, available in the coming months, will activate during races, adding an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the competition. Unleash a temporary speed boost to blast ahead of your rivals, slow down your foes with lightning strikes, or deploy bombs, shields, and missiles to gain an edge.

Refuel and Rejuvenate at the HyperDrive Café

Between adrenaline-filled laps, take a break and refuel at the HyperDrive Café, a retro diner-inspired bar and restaurant overlooking the action-packed track. Indulge in their hearty comfort food selections, featuring a juicy Classic Beef Burger for $21, loaded Tex Mex Nachos piled high for $19, or saucy Pulled Pork stuffed Crepes priced at $22.

HyperDrive Indoor Go-Kart

Source: The Palwan Sentosa

For a refreshing treat, try their sweet mocktail creations like the Red Bull Sunrise at $13, or slurp up a creamy Strawberry Milkshake, also going for $13.

Affordable Race Packages and Off-Peak Discounts

With top-grade safety measures in place, HyperDrive invites racers of all ages to experience the thrill of karting. Single 8-minute races start at $45 per person. Secure your slots by booking online or walk in to purchase tickets onsite. For hardcore racing fans looking to maximize their thrill time, bulk pack options are available:

2-Session Pack – $86 per racer
3-Session Pack – $122 per racer

For extra savings up to $10 off, drop by for off-peak rides weekdays 12:30PM – 1:50PM (Mondays through Fridays only).

Ditch those flip flops and grab a jumpsuit for the ride of your life! Race suits at the ready…engines roar in 3, 2, 1…GO!

So, whether you’re a seasoned racer or a curious newcomer, HyperDrive is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable karting experience that will leave you wanting more. With its innovative VR-infused track, exciting power-ups, and a variety of race packages, HyperDrive is the ultimate destination for anyone seeking an adrenaline rush.

Website: Hyper Drive
Location: Palawan Green, 54 Palawan Beach Walk, S098233 (3-minute walk from Beach station)
Operating Hours: Mondays to Fridays: 12.30pm – 9pm, last entry: 8.30pm
Saturdays, Sundays, Public and School Holidays: 10am – 9pm, last entry: 8.30pm
Ticket Prices: Varies based on kart and packages, starts at $40 for a junior kart.

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