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Dive into Interactive Storytelling with Haven XR 

Bored of the same old movie experiences? We hear you, and the game is about to change in a major way once Haven XR arrives on our sunny island. This groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) theme park creation coming in 2024 promises to transport you right into gripping tales where YOU get to determine how the story unfolds.

Haven XR

Source: HavenXR

Created through a partnership between theme park veterans Sim Leisure Group and Australia-based Haven XR Holdings, this first-of-its-kind attraction blends top-notch technology with the art of storytelling for next level immersion. We’re talking fully navigating the richly-detailed worlds with your own two feet using VR goggles, instead of just passively watching a flat screen.

Haven XR Singapore

Source: HavenXR

Introducing the First Experience: The Keeper

Haven XR’s debut production, The Keeper, is a spine-tingling horror adventure stranded on a creepy island. With no signs of life around except for an ominous presence trying to impose their will, you’ll be making critical decisions to find your escape route, resulting in multiple endings based on your choices. Sound wild? Their adrenaline-pumping trailer shows this is definitely not your typical haunted house experience.

Beyond horror, however, their sizzle reel reveals Haven XR has action-packed quests, fantastical worlds and more in the pipeline. This means you can expect fresh, made-in-Singapore stories told through leading-edge extended reality (XR) technologies as the attraction expands.

Haven XR SGSource: HavenXR

While locations and ticket pricing for the experience are still unconfirmed at publishing time, Haven XR’s website promises more details soon. Given the unprecedented interactivity offered, we foresee tickets selling out swiftly once bookings open.

Mark your calendars for early 2024 and check back on Haven XR’s website or our Instagram to stay updated on exactly when you can step into these riveting realities yourself right here in Singapore. This could well be the future of entertainment, with our little Red Dot leading the charge!

Website: HavenXR
Opening: First Quarter of 2024
Location: TBA (check back)
Price: TBA (check back)

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