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Groove to the Beat: Vinyl Wonderland – Your Guide to Vinyl, Turntables, and Record Players in Singapore!

While catching a live music performance is great, indulging in a home listening party with specially curated playlists makes an ethereal experience – well, coming from us, anyway.

If you prefer kicking it old school, trailing the detailed sounds of vinyl scratching against the needle of your turntable and those eargasmic sounds emitting from the speakers, it’s about time you expand your record collection.

Who knew there was such a vibrant vinyl scene in Singapore? Here, we dish out the finest record stores for your analogue aural fix. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring the world of vinyl records today!

Swee Lee

Founded and headquartered in Singapore since 1946, Swee Lee is now South East Asia’s leading multi-brand musical instrument and lifestyle retailer and distributor.

With a vast selection of records and majority of them being priced $25-$50, you will find an awesome array and at great prices. You can even order straight from their website to your doorstep if you prefer that option.

Swee Lee have multiple branches around SG, so be sure to check which one is most convenient to you.

Website: Swee Lee
Address: Multiple locations: View Swee Lee locatons


RetroCrates gives visitors a cozy and homely feel with their carpeted floors, plushie sofa and high-stool tables to sit back and soak in the atmosphere while browsing the many vinyl’s and turntables they have to offer.

Retro Crates

Source: Facebook

Something that separates them from other stores is they have occasional wine tasting sessions where you can sit back in elegance listening to your favourite records sipping on some delicious wine!

Website: Retro Crates
Address: 450a Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427663
Opening Hours: 12pm-6pm Daily, 12pm-5pm Sunday, Closed on Monday

Vertigo 26

Vertigo 26 is not what you expect it to be, located in the basement of Mint Museum of Toys it is mainly a listening bar that sells records. When you walk down the stairs you are greeted by the warm dim lighting, the elegant seating and music playing from the live DJ.

Vertigo Vinyl Singapore

Source: Facebook

If you’re in the mood for food and a good drink and an avid music lover check out Vertigo 26. Also Happy Hours are 5-7pm.

Website: Vertigo 26
Address: 26 Seah St, Basement, 188382
Hours: 5pm-12am Daily, Fri and Sat 5pm-1am, Sunday Closed

Absolute Records

Discover Absolute Records, a distinguished vinyl record shop in Singapore with a vast collection sourced from a large private records collection. Their passion for analogue sound captivates music lovers, audiophiles, collectors, and enthusiasts.

Absolute Records Singapore

Source: Absolute Records

With the largest digital catalogue of used vinyl records in Singapore, finding favorites is effortless. Hosting a vibrant monthly vinyl community collective and exclusive hifi store partnership, Absolute Records invites you to rediscover the timeless magic of analogue sound.

Website: Absolute Records
Address: 190 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore Shopping Centre, #04-24, 239924
Hours: 10am-6pm Tue-Fri, 11am-6pm Sat & Sun, Closed on Mondays

Curated Records

The cool thing about this record place is that while you will find all your mainstream albums they also offer their own personal picks from independent artists that they feel are special.

The store itself is elegant and minimalistic, when you walk down the stairs you are surrounded by vinyl’s from left to right with a big poofy sofa facing a luxurious speaker system to try out records on, while not the cheapest option it is still worth visiting.

Curated Records

Source: Facebook

Website: Curated Records
Address: 766A North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198734
Hours: 12.30pm-8pm, Monday Closed

Red Point Record Warehouse

Here you will find a massive selection of records spanning different genres, languages and decades.

You can also listen before buying making it a great place to visit with friends even if you’re not looking to purchase anything, however they do have some great deals on their prices that you should make sure not to miss.

Red Point Records

Source: Record Stored Love

Website: Red Point Record
Address: 80 Playfair Road Kapo Factory Building Blk B 06 – 11, 367998
Hours: Thurs-Sun 11am-6pm, closed Mon-Weds

Musicology Records

Located in the trendy Haji Lane, Musicology Records is a haven for both avid record collectors and browsing enthusiasts.

With an extensive collection of vinyls, spanning from the 1960s to modern releases, it caters to all musical tastes.

The store exudes a sleek ambiance with neon lights, and the friendly and knowledgeable staff make the experience even more enjoyable. You’re welcome to test pre-owned records and place orders for anything you’ve been seeking.

Whether you’re a music aficionado or a casual listener, this chic record shop in the heart of Bugis is a must-visit destination with its warm and passionate service.

Website: Musicology Records
Address: 66 Haji Ln, Singapore 189259
Hours: 12pm-8.30pm Tues-Fri, 12pm-8.30pm Sat, 1pm-8pm Sun, Monday closed

Roxy Records & Trading

For those with a taste for nostalgia or seeking a vintage experience, Roxy Records & Trading, established in 1962, is a cherished family business in Singapore, offering a wide selection of vintage and contemporary vinyls and CDs.

Whether you desire a trip down memory lane or have a specific item in mind, their knowledgeable staff, with years of experience, will gladly assist you and introduce you to new musical gems that might strike your fancy.

Step into Roxy Records & Trading and embark on a delightful journey through time and music.

Website: Roxy Records & Trading
Address: Excelsior Shopping Centre, 5 Coleman St, #02-15, 179805
Hours: 2pm-8pm daily


Inokii is a haven for vinyl-loving metalheads, catering to fans of black metal, death metal, doom metal, and folk metal.

While their selection may not be as extensive as other dedicated vinyl stores, their heavy focus on metal ensures you’ll discover rare releases from obscure bands within the genre.

Additionally, they offer a diverse collection of band merchandise, including tees, posters, and magazines. Step into Inokii to embrace your metal passion and uncover hidden gems from the genre.

Website: Inokii
Address: 14 Scotts Road #03-30, City, Singapore, Singapore
Hours: 11am-7pm Mon-Sat, 12pm-6pm Sun

Choice Cuts Goods + Coffee

Choice Cuts Goods + Coffee, conceived by DJ collective Matteblacc, offers more than just a music space.

In addition to a vast collection of records for music connoisseurs to enjoy, the relaxed store provides the opportunity to enjoy specialty coffee, craft beers, and delectable food such as their specialty oven baked Pizzas, Smoked Salmon Lox Bagel and even sweet treats like their Bonita Apple Crumble.

The store also sells merchandise from beloved artists, bands and streetwear brands such as vans and converse.

You may even walk into a jam session on the day of your visit adding to the already charming atmosphere. So if you’re hungry for good music and good food make sure to pay a visit.

Website: WebsChoice Cuts Goods
Address: 446 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427659
Hours: 11am-7pm Mon and Sun, 11am-8pm Tues-Thur, 11am-10pm Fri and Sat

The Barbershop Music

This unique place offers much more than your average record store. Besides selling records, posters, merch, and cassettes, it also doubles as a barbershop! Mervyn and Alisha, both self-taught barbers, are known for their hair tattoos.

The cuts are reasonably priced at $35 for both men and women.

The BarberShop Singapore

Source: The Barber Shop

So, if you’re looking to shop in great company and maybe leave with more than just a fresh record, but also a fresh trim, be sure to check out this barbershop/record store combo.

Website: The Barber Shop
Address: 311A Geylang Road, Singapore 389350
Hours: 11am-8pm weekdays, 9.30am-6.30pm weekends, closed Tuesdays

Mosta Records

Walking into Mosta Records store, you’re hit with an instant vibe of music passion – the place is decked out with cool decor and a friendly feel. And there’s more to these folks than just records.

They’re the go-to hub in Asia for Third Man Records, the brainchild of Jack White from The White Stripes. They’re not stopping there, though, Mosta Records have also launched Mosta Vinyl Pressing, the only spot in Singapore doing vinyl record manufacturing.

Mosta Records

Source: Mosta Records

They’re all about the global groove, serving up sounds for the region and beyond. Yep, anyone can get their tunes on vinyl now. Speaking of tunes, Mosta Records is a genre goldmine, from soulful blues to poppy beats.

It’s a mix of new hits and vintage vibes. But they’re not only spinning discs – they’re a big deal in Singapore’s creative scene, backing up photography, videography, design, and music through Mosta Creative.

Plus, their indie record label is kicking local music up a notch, making Mosta Records a must-hit for music nuts and artsy souls.

Website: Mosta Records
Address: 34 Arab St, #02-02, Singapore 199733
Hours: 11am-7pm Mon-Sat, 12pm-6pm Sun

Let our top pick stores be your ultimate go-to for a musical nostalgia trip.

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