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Five Footway Festival 2024

Five Footway

Source: Chinatown Singapore via Instagram

Just as the lanterns get taken down and the dragon decorations get put away as this year’s CNY comes to a close, The Five Footway Festival returns to Chinatown from March 9th to 17th, 2024, transporting you back to the 1900s for a nostalgic exploration of the sights, sounds, and stories that shaped this iconic neighbourhood.

This immersive cultural experience takes you deep into the heart of Chinatown’s past, unraveling the secrets of the narrow five-foot ways – bustling alleyways that once pulsed with the life of early immigrants. Through a captivating exhibition curated in collaboration with Sun Yat-Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall and students from Hwa Chong Institution, gain fascinating insights into the lives, values, and rich traditions of those who called Chinatown home.

Footway Festival Singapore

Source: Chinatown Singapore

Don’t just observe – get hands-on with history! Join guided tours that shine a light on heritage architecture and hidden gems tucked amid the lively streets. Learn about conservation efforts preserving timeworn facades etched with stories of the past. For a truly transportive experience, hop aboard the theatrical walking tour “Tan Ah Huat in Chinatown” which whisks you back to the 1920s through the eyes of a local immigrant. Costumed characters and vivid storytelling brings the era to life before your eyes.

As you wander, the tapestry of vibrant culture unfolds around you. Bask in the energy of Cantonese opera, Teochew opera, and Peking opera at Smith Street’s outdoor stages. Marvel at the colorful costumes, soaring vocals, dazzling choreography – traditional performing arts brought to life. Don’t miss the equally captivating Hokkien puppet shows or explore other performance areas showcasing dynamic local talent across genres.

This festival is all about active participation! Bring your creativity to the “Colourful Dialects” workshop and design your own personalized idiom colouring book, discovering fun expressions along the way. Experience the high-energy music and movement of Hakka culture at the Yan Wong Cultural Troupe’s Kirin Workshop.

With so much on offer, you’re bound to work up an appetite. Satisfy culinary curiosity through hands-on cooking workshops with renowned chefs. Master authentic Cantonese desserts and Hakka rice wine, or dive into Hainanese specialties like pineapple stir-fry pork rind – each class opens up new skills and appreciation for Singapore’s diverse foodways.

Footway Festival

Source: Chinatown Singapore

Beyond the main attractions, the festival serves up a range of nostalgic diversions. Join in classic games like can and ring toss, hoop wheeling, even good old-fashioned snakes and ladders. Indulge in timeless Singaporean snacks as stilt-walking Samsui women and policemen bring the past to life for photo-ops. Thrill at dragon dances, dazzling wushu performances, or catch under-the-stars movie screenings for perfect family fun.

Five Footway Singapore

Source: Chinatown Singapore

Best of all? Admission to the Five Footway Festival is totally free! Mark your calendars for this limited-time plunge into the beating heart of Chinatown and its storied heritage. With so much local talent to support, immersive history to discover, and indelible memories to be made – this celebration of Singapore’s rich culture and colourful past is not to be missed!

For full event details, performance schedules and more, check out the Five Footway Festival website.

Website: Five Footway Festival
Date: March 9th – 17th 2024
Address: Chinatown Singapore, 059190
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm
Ticket Price: Free

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