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Mars: The Red Mirror

Mars has captivated humans for over 12,000 years. Now, glimpse its spellbinding journey from destructive deity to potential future home at Singapore’s enchanting “Mars: The Red Mirror” exhibition.

This show-stopping showcase dispels myths to reveal little-known tales of Mars’ symbolic ties to war across ancient Asian and Indian cultures. Marvel at 9th-century paintings where Mars rages as the fiery Star of Calamity. Gaze in wonder at mystical meteorites melded from the fiery red planet itself.

The adventure continues into imaginings both scientific and fictional—from early sky-gazers piecing together Mars’ cosmic choreography, to H.G. Wells’ alien attacks bringing extraterrestrial excitement to life.

Red Mars Image

Source: ArtScience Muesum

Finally, glimpse Mars as it exists in today’s space-age dreams, with visualizations placing curious visitors on the very surface, poised to inherit its alien vistas and forge a future for humankind amongst the stars.

Will we someday trade Earthly troubles for fresh starts on the Red Planet? Let Mars: The Red Mirror teleport you across 12,000 years to decide for yourself! Grab tickets now for an interplanetary experience that’s anything but science fiction.

Website: ArtScience Muesum
Date: 25th Nov 2023 – 7th April 2024
Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm
Location: ArtScience Musuem, 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974
Price: Adult: S$20/Child: S$16, Tourists: Adult: S$23/Child: S$18. Click here to purchase tickets