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Singapore Flamenco Festival 2023

13 Oct, 8pm: Reflections of Time: Triple Bill

An innovative triple performance presented by the Flamenco Sin Fronteras troupe, “Reflections of Time” commences with a mesmerizing dance narrative portraying a man’s journey through the thresholds of existence and mortality. Following this, it delves into a contemplative exploration of the essence of time through T.S. Eliot’s “Burnt Norton.” Lastly, the production culminates with a captivating deconstruction and intricate interplay of rhythms, temporal concepts, and spatial dynamics, harmonizing the cultural elements of three distinct societies.

14 Oct, 8pm/ 15 Oct, 3pm: The Golden Age of Flamenco

“Transporting us to the era when the Flamenco legacy first took shape, “The Golden Age of Flamenco” is a journey back in time. We honor the authenticity of music, dance, and song, breathing life into our archives with the stellar talents of four of Spain’s finest Flamenco artists today: Luis de Luis, Claudia la Debla, Miguel Lavi, and David Caro.”