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Chaos Lab: Singapore’s First Indoor Lab-Themed Playground

Christmas has come early for the kiddies!  Chaos Lab Singapore, an indoor lab-themed playground that incorporates education into all its activities, opens on November 4th. Children can explore a slime station, a neon graffiti wall, a ball pit, and many more surprises.

They can also meet the manic mad scientist and their lab assistants, who will guide them through different zones to play, create, learn, and get just a little bit messy.

Ideally for kids aged 4 to 13, Chaos Lab is a great way for them to learn and expand their imagination through play. After all, kids learn best when elements of fun are incorporated into learning.

Chaos Lab

Source: Chaos Lab

However, Chaos Lab has no specific cut-off age, so even if you’re a parent who just wants to see what it’s all about or be beside your child, go ahead and unleash that inner child!

Breakdown of the activities:

Slime Station: This dedicated interactive room is full of slime! From slime dripping off the walls and vats full of it to educational slime-inspired puzzles, you’ll want to make sure you have a thorough clean after this or else you’ll be finding slime on you for days after!

Bubbling Ball Pit: This is where you can just let your hair down, kid or adult, and create lasting memories with your family. Toss balls around or submerge yourself in the copious amounts of them.

UV Area: This taps into the artist inside you with glow-up pens that will light up in the darkened room. Everything is a canvas in here because of the non-toxic markers, including the walls, the floors, and even yourself!

Don’t miss the chance to get a little messy, have a lot of fun, and make lasting memories at Chaos Lab!

Opening Day: Late November
Time: 11am – 9pm
Location: Changi Airport Terminal 2, #03-03, 819643
Prices: Ages 0-3: Free Entry, Ages 4-12: $30, Ages 13 and above: $9

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