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10 Hidden Places in Singapore

Do you feel that you need to escape from the stressful city living life in Singapore? We have put together 10 hidden places in Singapore for you to take a break from the urban lifestyle and enjoy nature and good food.

Raffles Marina Lighthouse

It is not every day that you get to see a lighthouse in a bustling city like Singapore. The Johor Straits Lighthouse overlooks the Tuas Second Link bridge, awaiting at the edge of the bridge.

The 12 meters high Raffles Marine Lighthouse was built in 1994, and it is definitely a marvel to behold. After admiring the giant lighthouse, there is an option to stroll along the promenade and admiring the sea breeze and gorgeous views the scenery has to offer. Oh yes, and also, this is the perfect opportunity to snap some #ootd for your Instagram feeds!

10 Hidden places in Singapore

Bollywood Veggies

If you are looking for a hideout that allows you to escape from the harsh reality of city living, this modest farm located in the Kranji countryside is the perfect place for you! Bollywood Veggies boasts a rustic farm-to-table bistro – Poison Ivy.

Owner Ivy Singh Lim has a boisterous and hilarious candor personality which will bring a smile to your face if you ever have the chance to have a conversation with her.

10 Hidden places in Singapore

Syonan Jinja

You may have already been to MacRitchie Reservoir countless times for a sweat-it-all-out session or for a relaxing walk, but did you know that there is a Shinto shrine deep hiding in the forest? We bet you did not know that!

Syonan Jinja was constructed between 1942 and 1943 to commemorate the passing of the Japanese soldiers during World War II. Even though nature has taken over the land through the decades, you are still able to spot certain elements of the historic site. A note of caution though: this secret spot is completely off the designated trial, so there is a good chance of getting lost in the forest.

10 Hidden places in Singapore

Wessex Estate

Wessex Estate, once known for the monochrome colonial buildings surrounded by lush greens, now houses several art galleries and studios in the present day. For a walk down the memory lane of the past, don’t be afraid to approach the artists who are more than willing to spin an interesting story or two.

To end off the wonderful day at this secret spot, be sure to stop by the ultra-retro Colbar for Western delights!

10 Hidden places in Singapore

Fort Serapong

Who would have thought that there is actually a hidden hilltop fort in Sentosa? We are talking past all the tourist hordes, attractions, and fancy restaurants at Resorts World Sentosa, and zooming into Fort Serapong.

This military complex is a sprawling one with bunkers galore and tunnels. Today, Mother Nature has immersed this secret spot and claim it as one of her belongings. A side note: proceed with care when making your way through the overgrown jungle.

10 Hidden places in Singapore

Floating Seafood Restaurant

For all the extreme seafood lovers out there, you will be thrilled to hear about the floating seafood restaurant that surprisingly, not many of us know about. Located between Changi Point ferry terminal and Pulau Ubin, you do need a short bumboat ride from the jetty to get to the restaurant itself.

At this old school restaurant, a big seafood feast awaits you where you can get to experience a fresh seafood meal on the waters and at the same time, steal some time for a seaside hangout with your friends.

10 Hidden places in Singapore

Whisk and Paddle

Get your daily dose of beautiful scenery needs satisfied at Whisk and Paddle. Whisk and Paddle is a huge, open-air bistro that provides tranquil views of the Punggol Serangoon Reservoir and its surroundings.

Select from the menu, a wide range of pizzas, savory dishes such as eggs benedict with smoked salmon served atop waffles, and the all-time- favorite – mac, and cheese. Stop by and grab a bite in the evening as the bistro transforms itself into a charming watering hole that serves cocktails and bars bites.

10 Hidden places in Singapore

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